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Saikat Basu 15-06-2009

GetRidOfThings is one of those little but useful websites that can help you in unexpected ways. The site is flush with helpful tips on how to get rid of stuff such as home pests, insects, stains, bad smells, and other annoyances.


The best way to use the site is go by category. The main categories include: Beauty, Health, Household, People, Pets, and Pests.

As you browse through the site, you will come across well-written articles that are not only about spring-cleaning your wardrobe or decluttering your junk. There are some useful tips on how to tackle health problems as well. But as always, practice caution when you come across a quick-fix health solution. Always consult a physician to be on the safe side.

See How You Can Get Rid of Everyday Stuff

Health always needs an expert opinion. But you are free to take on the do-it-yourself household projects on your own.

Get Rid Of Things

Every category includes several subcategories with their own alphabetical topics. For instance, the Household category has three subcategories on Automotive Topics, Financial Topics, and Household Topics. Drill down to the one that can solve your problem.


The topics are well covered and you can find a lot of creative solutions. Each guide includes short set of facts on the subject and a set of tools and solutions most effective for the problem.

For instance, while reading the topic on Best Ways to Get Rid of Books, I came across the idea of re-gifting an old book to someone who might need it exactly at that moment.

And with a nod to the future, there is a category devoted to People. Find articles on how to get rid of zombies, ghosts, and husbands. I am assured that they are not inter-related.

A Clean DIY Website Worth a Visit Any Time

Most of the tips listed on the site are fun to read, contain funny pictures, humorous commentary and sarcasm. Yes, there are more comprehensive DIY websites and the even more encyclopedic YouTube with its DIY tips of all kinds 17 Easy Home Repair Tips You Can Learn From YouTube Anytime You can take care of minor home repairs yourself, instead of paying the handyman. These YouTube videos have all the DIY tips, instructions, and list of tools you need to get everything fixed. Read More . But try GetRidOfThings anyhow when you have an afternoon to spare.

What kind of DIY projects do you love to do? Have you tried a fantastic instructional website that everyone else should visit too?

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