How to Get Xbox Live and How Much It Costs
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Looking to take the gaming experience on your Xbox console to the next level? You’ll need to subscribe to Xbox Live. Before you jump in, we’ll briefly explain what Xbox Live is, how much it costs, and how you can sign up now.

What Is Xbox Live?

Xbox Live is Microsoft’s online gaming service for the Xbox line of consoles. Anyone with an Xbox and an internet connection can take advantage of Xbox Live’s free features, like adding friends, downloading demos, and using entertainment apps like Netflix.

Normally, when people talk about Xbox Live, they mean the premium Xbox Live Gold service. This is required to play online multiplayer, but also rewards you with free games each month, exclusive discounts, and enables party chat to talk across games with your friends.

How Much Does Xbox Live Cost?

The sticker price for Xbox Live Gold is $60 per year. You can also purchase a three-month subscription for $25, or one month for $10. Obviously, subscribing for a year is the best value.

However, you’ll often see retailers offer deals on Gold subscriptions. Before your subscription runs out, keep an eye out for discounts so you can play for less. You can also earn free months of Gold through Microsoft’s rewards program.

How Do I Get Xbox Live?

You can purchase an Xbox Live Gold subscription in several ways.

If you’d like to subscribe right from your Xbox, press the Xbox button and scroll to the Settings tab. Select All Settings, then Account > Subscriptions. Here, choose Learn about Gold membership and you can proceed to purchase a subscription. You’ll need to enter a credit card if you haven’t done so already.

If you’d rather, you can purchase prepaid Gold cards at drug stores and other places that sell gift cards — even Amazon. On the Xbox home, scroll over to the Store tab to open the Microsoft Store. Select Use a code and enter yours. Confirm the redemption and you’re subscribed!

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Don’t want to subscribe using your Xbox? You can purchase a code from Microsoft’s website and/or redeem yours on Microsoft’s redemption page from your PC.

Are you an Xbox Live Gold member? What’s your favorite benefit? Tell us what you think down in the comments!

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