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Get Sporty On Your Android With These 7 Free & Fun Games

Mihir Patkar 11-09-2013

Sports are fun. Video games are fun. Combine the two on your Android device and it’s a guaranteed good time!


Personally, I have always enjoyed arcade games (those that emphasize larger-than-life fun) over simulation (those that emphasize being as true to reality as possible). And especially on smartphones, I find that arcade games work better because it’s not as immersive a gaming environment as a big-screen console game.

Android has a huge collection of fantastic games, including these sports games that are free, fun and addictive.

Baseball Hero [No Longer Available]

Get Sporty On Your Android With These 7 Free & Fun Games Baseball Hero

Cartoon graphics, simple controls and addictive gameplay makes Baseball Hero an instant hit. A diamond of four baseballs is your control set. Swipe the balls in particular patterns to hit or pitch. For example, to pitch or hit a screw ball, swipe the diamond in the bottom-left-top pattern. You have three innings to beat the opposition and earn coins that can be used to upgrade your abilities or use one-match bonus powers.

Stick Tennis

Get Sporty On Your Android With These 7 Free & Fun Games Stick Tennis


Simulated tennis games make things too complex, which is what makes Stick Tennis such a joy to play. Apart from the lovely graphics and the perfect sound effects, it manages to nail how arcade gameplay on a touch device should be. Swipe in the direction of the screen you want to hit the ball, and make sure your timing is right to get maximum power on your shots. The easy controls make Stick Tennis accessible to anyone, and then it’s just a matter of honing your skills as you move up through the ranks in a tournament.

Stick Cricket

Get Sporty On Your Android With These 7 Free & Fun Games Stick Cricket

Cricket is a complex sport and even more so when it’s recreated as a touchscreen video game. But Stick Cricket manages to get it right by simplifying it to just one aspect: batting. Tap the left or right side to hit in that direction, and the rest is all down to timing it correctly based on the bowler (fast, swing, spin). Of course, this is just an overview and there’s a lot more to this Android cricket game, as you can read in our full Stick Cricket review Stick Cricket Brings The World’s Most Popular Cricket Game To Your Pocket [Android] One of the main reasons this game has stayed on in my Android is for its sheer addictiveness. You may not understand cricket in all its nuances, but if you love hitting a ball out... Read More .

Punch Hero [No Longer Available]

Get Sporty On Your Android With These 7 Free & Fun Games Punch Hero


Punch Hero manages to package the primal nature of boxing — the speed, the reflexes, the adrenaline —  in an exciting game. All you see is the back of your player, sizing up his opponent. Tap to the right of your player to deliver a right jab; swipe from right towards the player to deliver a right cross; and swipe upwards for a right hook — and to use your left hand, just do all of that on the left of your player. Tap both sides of the screen to block and hit the left and right buttons to dodge an attack, as well as unleash a counter. Punch-tastic!

NFL Kicker 13 [No Longer Available]

Get Sporty On Your Android With These 7 Free & Fun Games NFL Kicker 13

NFL Kicker 13 is just about kicking a perfect field goal, but that doesn’t make it easy. Flick the screen upwards to kick, and control the ball’s swing by swiping left or right while it’s in mid-air, keeping the wind factor in mind. There’s another mode, Coffin Corner, where you have to punt the ball out of bounds as close to the end zone as possible. It’s a lovely game that keeps making you want to break your own high score.

Super Goalkeeper [No Longer Available]

Get Sporty On Your Android With These 7 Free & Fun Games Super Goalkeeper


Like NFL Kicker, there’s Flick Soccer to test your footwork Score The Big Goal In Flick Soccer - A Simple Touch & Swipe Sports Game For iOS A great example of a sports game that pulls a section of the sport and makes it into a fun game that is made for the touch platform is Flick Soccer. It might not be... Read More on the soccer field. But there’s the other side of the game to consider, too: Super Goalkeeper puts you in charge of the goalpost, and you have to move two gloves around to catch the balls that are being shot at the goal, or at least deflect them away. It’s pretty much a never-ending game, unless you let the bot score too many goals..

Real Basketball

Get Sporty On Your Android With These 7 Free & Fun Games Real Basketball

Basketball is best when it’s played in a neighbourhood court and that’s where Real Basketball takes you. It’s all about shooting in this one, so just flick your finger to make the hoop. Rebounds can give you extra points while a chain of perfect shots leads to a bonus. Play in a tournament, arcade mode or time attack, and you can even pit yourself against your friends in an online game.

Do you have any cool sports-based games on Android? Perhaps you know of better games than the ones listed above for the same sport. Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Nero T
    September 14, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    I've played Stick Tennis & NFL Kicker, it's really addictive.