How to Get Your Photos Edited by Other Instagram Users
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You can crowdsource funding, tasks and errands, a place to stay on holiday, car rentals, and more. So it’s no surprise that there’s now an app to crowdsource your photo editing for Instagram.

With the free iOS app, Hippo, you can sign up for an account and submit your photos to be edited by other users.

Hit Record allows users to collaborate on everything from photos and drawings to video and audio tracks. Hippo aims to do just one thing – make it easy to get other people to edit your photos.

The people who are editing the photos aren’t necessarily professional photographers or photo editors. In fact, anyone can apply to be a photo editor through the app.

Scrolling the latest photos edited through Hippo, you’ll find mixed results. Some of the photos look like quite a bit of thought went into the editing process — straightening, cropping, adjusting levels. With others, it looks like someone just slapped a tacky filter on top of the photo.


There’s no guarantee that your photo will get edited. According to the vague FAQ, “The better your submitted photo is, the more likely it is to get edited. Beautiful nature scenes, portraits and interesting architecture are the most edited photos on the app.”

In my experience, it only took a couple of hours to get at least one edit on a photo I submitted. The screenshot on the left shows the unedited photo, while the edited version is on the right. 

And if you choose to delete your photos from the app, the edited versions should also be deleted as well.

A great feature in Hippo is that you can see both the original and edited photos. When viewing the photos in the main feed, just hold your finger down on the edited photo and you can see the original, unedited version. The app is a great way to collaborate with others and get a little bit of inspiration.

What do you think of Hippo? Let us know in the comments.

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