Get a Lifetime Subscription to Disconnect For Only $49

Disconnect is the last internet security app you’ll ever need, as it features both a tracker blocker and VPN in one. And you can get it for life for 90% off right now!

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What’s Disconnect?

Basically, Disconnect is an easy-to-use service that’ll make your web browsing experience both safer and faster. It does this by blocking tracking requests from connecting to your devices on iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows. In doing so, it’s actually been shown to let you browse up to 44% faster while using up to 39% less bandwidth. It’ll also suck down far less battery. If you’re on a limited data plan, you’ll get to stop wasting your precious bandwidth on trackers that offer you no benefit.

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So you know you’re not paying for fluff, Disconnect will show you the trackers it’s blocking. That lets you know that the service is actually working, and it gives you an idea of just what kind of stuff is out there on the internet looking into your every move. It’ll block trackers that are fairly innocent such as the ones that target ads towards you, and it’ll block more nefarious trackers that could compromise your online safety.

While there are plenty of extensions available for Chrome and other desktop browsers that block trackers, what makes Disconnect stand out is its support for all devices and browsers including those on mobile devices. You don’t need to configure a different extension for everywhere you connect, as Disconnect will handle all of them for you.

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In addition, the built-in VPN functionality allows you get around location-based restrictions, so if there’s content you want to watch that’s not available where you live or are traveling to, you’ll be able to see it. That’s just a nice bonus that’ll help you make the most of your connection wherever you go!

Disconnect was covered extensively by The New York Times. The publication was quite happy with the features offered, and it definitely seems that it was right to be, because it really is packed with solid features that’ll make the web a much more enjoyable and safer place!

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This offer is only available for a limited time, so if you want to get your hands on a full-featured web security app for $50, now is the time! Save battery, data, and your safety for life.

Sign Up: Disconnect: Lifetime Premium Subscription

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