Get Lifetime Access to 10 Fantastic Mac Apps For $49

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Right now, you can get a massive bundle of Mac apps for over 90% off! All future updates are included for apps such as a password manager, a vector graphic designer, a backup tool, and more!

Buy: The World’s First Lifetime Mac Bundle

Without further delay, let’s dig in and take a look at just what you’ll get with each app!

NetSpot Pro: Lifetime License ($198 value)

This app is all about looking at your Wi-Fi network and making sure it’s running properly. It has a mapping feature that lets you view where the signal is weak and adjust the location of your router accordingly. Basically, if you have Wi-Fi that you use on your Mac, you’re going to want this application!

Stick Password Premium: Lifetime Subscription ($149 value)

Next, you’ll get access to a premium password manager for life. All of your passwords will sync across all devices, so whether you use just a Mac, or you also have PCs and smartphones, this will come in handy for you.

Camera Guard PRO: Lifetime License ($129 value)

Get Lifetime Access to 10 Fantastic Mac Apps For $49 product 13469 productshot4 image update

We’re willing to bet that you’d prefer people NOT snoop on your webcam. With just two clicks, Camera Guard blocks and observes all programs and processes that aim to access the webcam, preventing any unwanted creepers. If you’ve ever felt like someone was looking over your shoulder, this is the app for you.

CameraBag Cinema Lifetime License ($149 value)

This is a pretty solid video editor that’ll handle the basics. It won’t replace Final Cut Pro or Premier Pro for advanced video editing, but it will be able to do things like color grading and other tasks that help your videos come to life. And, it works on photos!

Biff: Lifetime License ($179 value)

This is a great tool for working with vector graphics for anyone who isn’t a professional designer. Sure, there are more powerful apps out there, but if you just want to be able to do the basics, this one will handle your needs.

Arq 5 ($79 value)

Get Lifetime Access to 10 Fantastic Mac Apps For $49 product 13474 product shots4 image

Arq 5 is about letting you backup everything or just the files you choose to just about any destination you can think of, regardless of size or location. Whether you use Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon, or any other popular service, it’ll make working with those files easy.

Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate: Lifetime License ($69 value)

Get Lifetime Access to 10 Fantastic Mac Apps For $49 product 13475 product shots5 image

Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate is the all-in-one PDF solution that accelerates the way you edit, merge, split, convert, secure, sign, and organize documents. If you find that you use PDFs frequently, this app will make your day.

Yummy FTP Pro: Lifetime License ($99 value)

Get Lifetime Access to 10 Fantastic Mac Apps For $49 product 13476 product shots4 image

This easy to use FTP/S, SFTP, and WebDAV/S file transfer app was built exclusively for Mac, so you know it will let you transfer files quickly and easily with an FTP. Whether you use it for working on a website, or for personal file transfers, this will do the job with ease!

CloudMounter: Lifetime License ($44 value)

This app makes it so all of your cloud storage solutions are in one place. You can connect it with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP, and WebDAV servers, and see them right in Finder. Basically, it gives the feel of having  your files stored locally without losing the actual space!

Hands Off!: Lifetime License ($149 value)

Get Lifetime Access to 10 Fantastic Mac Apps For $49 product 13478 product shots3 image

Hands Off! controls the access of web applications to your network and disks so you can make informed decisions about who and what has access to your private information. Basically, it’ll let you take control of your Mac’s security and make sure you aren’t giving information to malicious individuals.

Buy: The World’s First Lifetime Mac Bundle

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  1. Matt
    January 15, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    I only see one app under $49. The rest are in the are well above it. This type of strategy is what gives click baiting a bad name.

    • James Bruce
      January 16, 2018 at 11:40 am

      It's a bundle, not a list of apps that costs less than $49. You get ALL the apps for a total $49. This isn't clickbait.