How to Get Info & Help on Any Trophy for the PS4
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Trophies and Achievements are in nearly every game nowadays, and we’ve shown you the easiest PlayStation Platinum trophies you can earn to decorate your profile.

However, you might be working on earning the trophies for many games at once, or maybe you don’t have a guide handy for when you’re trophy hunting. In that case, there’s a hidden PS4 feature that you’ll love.

Head to the Trophies section of your PS4’s home menu and choose any game you’re working on. Highlight a trophy and press the Options button, then choose Search Online in the menu that pops out to the right.

This instantly opens the PS4’s browser (which you’ve probably barely touched, as it’s pretty lousy) with a Google search for the name of the trophy. This saves you from having to constantly pull out your phone and look up hints on how to earn a trophy while playing. Hopefully you’re not looking up how to accomplish one of the hardest Achievements ever!

Now, some trophies definitely work better when you have a second screen to read your guide on (like finding specific collectibles), but if you don’t have easy access to another web-enabled device, this is a really quick way to check Google for some tips, and it doesn’t even require leaving the game you’re running!

Not looking to challenge yourself with trophies? Check out our list of games that are super fun on easy difficulty and relax!

What trophies have you been working on lately? Let us know if you find this feature convenient in the comments below!

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