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Get Inspired With These 6 Pinterest Contests And Craft Your Own

Saikat Basu 13-06-2012

pinterest contestUtter the word contest and you will immediately get some perked up ears even in a fish market. It’s probably one of the more sweet sounding words next to others like ‘free’ (of course) and ‘giveaways’ (don’t we have so many for you here!). Thanks to Pinterest and the social web of today, you can easily carry along the ‘free’ word with you wherever you plan to launch a contest. Pinterest is the latest playground for playing a few rounds of branding target practice.


The best thing about Pinterest contests is that the social network itself is so visually attractive. The second best thing is that lots of famous brands are hopping on the Pinterest wagon.

The third good thing is that you can easily follow the ones that have come before you, or take a pinprick of inspiration and craft your own Pinterest contest.

British Midland International

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The airline company (now with the International Airline Group, who also run British Airways) used the concept of random numbers and a lottery to kick off their Pinterest based branding campaign. At stake is a chance to win free flights to your dream destinations…at least those covered by the airline. The BMI Pinterest page lists number marked pictures from travel spots. You have to pick any and re-pin them onto your image boards. There are no limits on the images you can re-pin, but only the first six will count when BMI picks a number at random (each week) and matches it with the participant who has re-pinned the image that corresponds to that number. The BMI Pinterest contest is still on and it looks like a sweet deal if you are anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Peugeot Panama

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One of the more creative Pinterest campaigns I have seen, the carmaker’s board is an eyeful. Peugeot uses the format of a puzzle to cleverly weave in its branding. Different car models are pinned with some parts missing. You have to scour the site or their Facebook page for the missing (four) pieces. Then you have to create a board and individually pin the images (and arrange them) to complete the jigsaw puzzle. The first five people to complete their boards win prizes. The very arrangement of the different pins and boards is an innovative use of Pinterest.

AMC Theaters

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AMC Theaters are the second largest movie theater chain in North America. I may not be able to take advantage of their services yet, but as I love movies, I love their Pinterest boards. They also keep generating interest with their Pinterest contests. A recent once was around Oscar time when users were asked to ‘pin’ the photo of each of their personal favorites to a board called ‘My Oscar Picks’. The ones whose predictions hit the mark won tickets to the AMC Best Picture Showcase. Their Pinterest account has a board titled – Repin and Win! which is a collection of Giveaways that are on. From a director’s chair autographed by Riley Scott to your favorite Avenger print, there’s a lot you can lay your hands on.


pinterest contest ideas


TeachHUB is a  K12 resource site for teachers. Their Pin It To Win It Giveaway was an example of a very simple Pinterest contest – simple in idea and simple in execution. The contest involved re-pinning a specific “Pin It To Win It” image to a new board created by the pinner and named as TeachHUB. The contestant had to fill out a simple form and also follow TeachHUB on Pinterest. Anyone who contributed by recommending teacher websites, apps, or resources on their board ramped up their chances of walking away with the iTunes Gift Cards on offer. The contest is closed.


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The Pin Your Inbox contest is one for the newsletter marketers themselves. Marketers are given a URL field on the Pin Your Inbox site where they can give the URL of their email creative to Pin Your Inbox. Pinterest viewers (and the EmailVision community) can view and ‘like’ the ones showcased. The email design with the most gets the prize and its designer gets free creative work from EmailVision.

Windows Pinterest Contest

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Yes, Windows did it to. Though the contest is now closed. It was open to U.S. residents only and was all about Windows hardware. The contest involved pinning eligible Microsoft hardware (mouse) images to a created Pinterest board. Minimum pins had to be ten and the winner was picked through a random selection. The winner’s prize was a Microsoft hardware prize package that included the mouse pinned to the board, a LifeCam Studio and an Arc Keyboard. There was also a Nokia Lumia contest on Pinterest which ended in April and followed a similar theme.

The explosion of this new social media tool and its visual scrapbooking style has opened up a new frontier away from Facebook and Twitter. It is visual, so brands are applying some of advertising’s most creative design concepts to capture mind space as these six different examples show. Heck even the Queen’s Golden Jubilee has been turned into a Pinterest contest. This one is over too, but lots more are in the offing.

Keep an eye on these too:


It is difficult to examine the scope of Pinterest’s success yet when it comes to contests, giveaways, and scavenger hunts. That’s for another article. But tell me here; what is your take on Pinterest contests? Do you see a social media phenomenon in the making or are they just cool contests that will just be another set of bookmarks? Also mention any Pinterest contest that you have been a part of or an example of one you would like to craft on Pinterest.


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  1. Vandana Sathpathy
    September 3, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Hi Saikat!

    We're a new brand and looking to create a buzz on pinterest by having a contest. I've found running a successful pinterest contest is manageable for established brands with a dedicated follower base. Any pointers on how to run a pinterest contest on a brand new pinterest page without many followers? How to reach out to participants?
    Hope i hear from you!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Gina Shillitani
    June 13, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    I like Pinterest, I never thought about it being used in such a manner. Interesting!

  3. Luda Yoda
    June 13, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    don't really get the point of pinterest to be honest