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Mihir Patkar 13-03-2014

Noon Pacific takes the best part of radio and isolates it into a brilliant web app. Every week, it will put 10 of the hottest new tracks into a playlist for you to listen to. There’s nothing more to it and it’s absolutely free.


I love the idea of a radio show — someone with good taste in music playing cool new tracks that I can listen to for free. But I also hate listening to radio — it demands that I tune in at a certain time, I can’t stand the ads and the RJs are annoying.

Enter Noon Pacific.

Note: This app does not work with Mozilla Firefox and some other browsers yet. You’ll need Google Chrome to run it.

What’s Noon Pacific All About?


I’m a big fan of hand-curated blogs. With art, whether it’s a movie, a book or a song, I have always had better luck with recommendations from reviewers and experts who share a similar taste than with some of the best music discovery engines Top 10 Free Ways to Discover New Music Online Read More . Musical taste is a personal, subjective element and so it isn’t surprising that technology hasn’t managed to crack it as well as someone you know, saying, “Dude, you have to listen to this song, you’ll love it!”


Noon-Pacific-EmailOn Monday at noon, Pacific Standard Time, this playlist will drop in your inbox like clockwork. You can listen to the songs via the web app for free, or download the iOS app for a one-time cost of $1.99.

Merits Of Noon Pacific

Demerits Of Noon Pacific:


  • Lack Of Artist Info: If you like a song, Noon Pacific can be frustrating because there’s no way to find out more about the artist, the album or any other information. Usually, the first thing I’d do when I like a track is look up more songs by that person—but Noon Pacific has a stonewall there.
  • No Genre Sorting: You won’t like every genre of music out there. But Noon Pacific has no apparatus to enable or disable certain genres, so you often waste time listening to tracks you won’t like. If you are sure about the genres you like, then I’d suggest you take a look at Tina’s Sound Sunday column here at for some excellent selections and recommendations.
  • No Equalizer, Sharing Or Settings: Noon Pacific is just about listening, not about customizing. Like a song? You can’t favourite it. Want to change the equalizer settings? Nope, can’t do that. Share this song with friends on Facebook? Sorry, no go. It can be a bit frustrating.

Bonus: Noon Pacific Blog


Some songs don’t make it to the final list. Some songs get missed out on, since it’s a weekly hand-curated list. Where do you find those? Head to the Noon Pacific blog, where Dinnison posts some brilliant tracks which aren’t featured in the weekly mix tape for whatever reason.


Noon Pacific is free for the Web and available for iOS as an $1.99 app on the iTunes App Store.

Image Credit: Planet of Success

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  1. Clark
    March 14, 2014 at 12:26 am

    Hey James,

    I'm working on a fallback for Firefox right now. Firefox does not support streaming the MP3s from 8tracks for some odd reason so I recommend Chrome (for now). I'll change the message so that it doesn't diss on your browser as much :)

    Thanks for the article Mihir, really appreciate it!

  2. James M
    March 13, 2014 at 5:44 pm

    I was going to check this out, because it sounds interesting. Unfortunately, they gave me the message "Your browser is super old and doesn't support streaming good music. Please upgrade to a modern browser like Google Chrome or listen to the mix on 8tracks." This was in Firefox 27, which is definitely not "super old" and should certainly qualify as a "modern browser". If Chrome has features they need to use and Firefox doesn't, they should say that. It would be an understandable reason for the failure to work in Firefox. Instead they chose to use a statement that implies the browser I want to use is inferior to the browser they want me to use, suggesting to me that they don't intend to code things properly in order to make their site work across multiple browsers. I don't like web sites that try to dictate the user's browser choice like this, and I don't intend to support this one in its current state. If they make their site work in Firefox, I might try it. If they give a proper explanation as to why Firefox doesn't work, I might try it in Chrome. But with the attitude they have now, I will not be using their service. Sorry, Noon Pacific, either work cross-browser or explain why you can't -- don't try to tell me what browser I need to see your content.

    • Mihir Patkar
      March 13, 2014 at 6:22 pm

      Wow, you're right. I didn't try it in Firefox, but I'm getting the same error too in Firefox 26. I'll add that to the article, thanks for pointing it out James!