How to Get an Education in Computer Science Without the Debt

MakeUseOf Deals 26-09-2019

At the age of 18, most aspiring developers seek a place studying computer science at college. They come out with the skills to pursue an exciting and highly rewarding six-figure career. But what if you don’t want all the debt or you can’t just start again? That’s where the Complete Computer Science Master Class Bundle comes in. This vast learning library offers 174 hours of hands-on training, covering the same topics as you would learn in college. The best part? You can get it now for just $39 at MakeUseOf Deals.


The Real College Alternative

This might not be the first time you have seen courses being advertised as an alternative to college. While some learning programs overpromise, this bundle is the real deal.

It contains 11 in-depth courses, packed with real-world knowledge and hands-on training. Through video tutorials, you learn how to build apps with C#, algorithms in Java, and advanced web apps using PHP and MySQL. The videos also look at Python, Golang, JavaScript, Scala, Bootstrap, and Amazon Alexa.

You even get 23 hours of advice on how to prepare for coding interviews, compiled by a team of technical recruiters. If you want to build a career in code, this bundle is the place to start.

174 Hours of Training for $39

It’s worth $2,799, but you can grab this mammoth training bundle now for $39.

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