How to Get Cortana on Your Android Lockscreen
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Though it might be hard to believe, Microsoft’s Android apps are actually pretty great. From the Office apps to a great launcher, there are enough Microsoft offerings that you might prefer them to Google’s tools.

Cortana made her debut as your personal assistant in Windows 10, but she’s present on Android and iOS, too. As a powerful alternative to Google Now, she can alert you to traffic jams, alert your PC to missed calls on your phone, and sync reminders between your devices.

If you’re a Cortana addict, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft is testing the ability to bring Cortana to your phone’s lock screen. You don’t have to wait, though — through Android’s beta testing program, you can get this new feature running right now.

Open the Cortana app page on your phone’s Google Play Store app, then scroll down to the bottom. Under the Become a beta tester heading, touch the I’m In button and agree that you might run into bugs when using beta software. After a few minutes, you’ll be a beta tester for the app and can download the latest version from Google Play.

Once you have the new version installed, open the Cortana app and she’ll tell you about her lock screen presence. Just swipe right or left on the Cortana logo to activate her. This works with any lock screen, so you don’t have to switch to a dedicated app.

For more, check out how to sync your Android notifications to Windows 10 using Cortana.

Do you use Cortana on your Android? Let us know if you’ll try this new beta feature, and what you think of having Cortana on your lock screen!

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  1. John Deltuvia
    July 6, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    I've found it to be more a bother than a help on the lock screen and am now trying to find a way to REMOVE it.