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Get Bumpin’ With Bump for iPhone: Your Easy, Instant File Sharer [iPhone]

Joshua Lockhart 21-02-2013

iphone file sharingTransferring your photos, videos, and other media between devices has always involved a mess of hoops or cables. However, Bump for iPhone strives to take the in-between chaos away and replace it with something a bit easier: bumping. Yep. All you have to do is bump your device into another, and all your desired files can be shared nearly instantly. But is it too good to be true?


No… I’ll be honest with you. It works, and I like it. However, I find it kind of silly that you physically have to bump your devices together. Why’s that? Well, read on, dear MUO-traveler, for in this article I will explain how Bump works while also offering insight as to just why it is so awesome.

The Method

I was surprised about the simplicity of Bump. First, I opened the app on my phone and pulled the Bump homepage up on my Mac. Then I literally slammed my phone into my spacebar, and both my iPhone and Mac were instantly connected (after approval, of course). From there on, I was able to share my photos. There weren’t any signups or local searches for my device – it just worked right away. The device functions similarly between phones and other devices. For instance, with another iPhone, all you must do is slam your mobile into someone else’s mobile, and you’re instantly connected.

Admittedly, I should stop using the word “slam“. There will likely be a lot of people angrily commenting with broken phones. A gentle tap will suffice.

iphone file sharing

iphone file sharing app


The app works by trying to find devices on your local network. This whole “bumping” method is really all for show, for you could literally hit a button on the touchscreen and it works just the same. However, by using the accelerometer in your phone and timing it just right with the input on the spacebar of your Mac, the device will know it has the right connection.

iphone file sharing app

Its Practicality

There are loads of other methods to do exactly what Bump does: email, Dropbox, iPhoto, Photo Stream, etc. However, Bump takes away the middle man to give you what you need instantly. In fact, all of the screenshots you see here in this article were downloaded from my phone using Bump, and doing this took several steps out of my usual routine to get them to you. Granted, these photos were downloaded in the form of a ZIP file, so I couldn’t dive in right away. It took a little bit of time out of my day to decompress them, but oh well – first world problems, right?

iphone file sharing


But really, why do I want to slam… er… gently tap my phone into my computer or other similar device? Personally, I do find this a little silly – almost as silly as the Samsung Galaxy S3’s Interesting Galaxy S III Features That Make Samsung's ROM Better Than Stock Android I just got a brand-new Galaxy S III. It’s a beautiful device, except for one big flaw: Samsung TouchWiz. But when you eliminate the ugly looks, it turns out TouchWiz actually does add value! If... Read More beaming nonsense. Give me a touch screen button, and I’m fine. However, there’s something to be said for this unique tactile response, or rather, this new form of modern electric keyboard tapping which is inherently the same exact thing.

Besides that, it’s easy. Really. You just touch your phone to the device you want to use, and it automatically connects! No big deal, there. Beyond that, the app will pull media from all parts of your phone – including your contact card (very important) and Dropbox. There’s no need to go on a hunt for whatever you need! (As a note, the mobile-to-desktop version only supports the transfer of certain media – other formats include video, music, document files, photos, and contact cards.)

Is It Pretty?

Is Bump pretty? I’d say so. The graphical interface for each device is pure and clean, and you won’t be distracted by any extra doo-dads or ding-a-lings. I will say that most font selections and backgrounds deviate from the basic iOS options that we usually see in most Apple-conformed mobile apps, so if this kind of switch annoys you, then you may have a problem with it. Other than this, there is really no issue.

Navigating through menus is quite easy as well, and although there are no really touch–intensive portions of the app, it’s not much of a problem. The unique physical actions you use take place outside the phone, providing just enough of an absurd aspect to it all to keep things interesting.


The Bottom Line

Phone slamming, instant file transfers, and cross-platform support? That’s Bump in a nutshell for you. Personally, I can’t get over the fact that it forces you to actually make use of the silly “bumping” action, but I can’t argue with perfection. The app works, and it’s as simple as that.

Will you use Bump for your own purposes? Do you find the bumping action as silly as I do?

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