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How to Get the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Kannon Yamada Updated 13-07-2019

Amazon Prime Day 2019 runs from Monday, July 15 until Tuesday, July 16. But finding great deals among the piles of discounted products isn’t easy. Here’s how to get what you want for the least amount of money on Prime Day.


Let’s start with Amazon Gold Box deals.

Browse Amazon’s Gold Box Deals

How to Get the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals amazon prime day gold box filtering searches

A big chunk of Amazon’s Prime Day deals show up on its Gold Box page. Gold Box deals can be sorted and filtered by price and type.

In the left column, under Deal Type, look for three categories of discount products; Lightning Deals, Deals of the Day, and Prime Early Access Deals. It’s worth keeping an eye on Savings and Sales, along with Coupons, as they offer substantial discounts as well.

Lightning Deals, which are time and quantity limited, are often where you’ll find the best savings. Deals of the Day aren’t as time-limited–lasting 24 hours or longer—but may not be as cheap as Lightning Deals.


The problem is timing. Unless you’re prepared to continually refresh Amazon’s Gold Box page, you need some method of grabbing the deals before they’re gone.

Enable If This Then That (IFTTT) Applets

IFTTT Applet Search Page Results for SlickDeals

If This Then That is an automation web app. It can do almost anything. Most importantly, it can alert you whenever deals appear on the Gold Box page on Prime Day.

There are multiple IFTTT Applets which can track the latest deals. One of the most effective methods is to follow deal-finding Twitter accounts and filter their tweets for the hashtag #PrimeDay. Here are a two of the most functional:


Note: There are many factors that influence the reliability of these applets, and they may not always be entirely accurate or timely.

To start using one of these Prime Day IFTTT Recipes, sign up to the free service and save the Applet to your account. If you intend to be away from your computer on Prime Day, you can download the IFTTT app to receive notifications on the go.

While IFTTT can be an invaluable tool on Amazon Prime Day, it’s also a great way to automate your online life. To get started, check out our ultimate IFTTT guide The Ultimate IFTTT Guide: Use the Web's Most Powerful Tool Like a Pro If This Then That, also known as IFTTT is a free web-based service to get your apps and devices working together. Not sure how to build your applet? Follow along with this guide. Read More .

Download: IFTTT for Android | iOS (Free)


Use Price Tracking Apps

One of the simplest ways to track the latest Prime Day deals is to install a price-tracking app, like Price Tracker for Amazon for Android.

After installing the app, you can find the products you want to track and add them to your tracklist. If the product drops below your target price, you’ll receive a notification.

Alternatively, you can install the official Amazon Shopping app—available for Android and iOS—and add items to your watch list. The app will send you a notification any time the price decreases on your saved items.


Download: Price Tracker for Amazon for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Download: Amazon Shopping for Android | iOS (Free)

Subscribe to Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds

Really Simple Syndication, often referred to as RSS, is one of the best ways to stay on top of Prime Day deals. Many tracking websites publish new deals on an RSS feed for you to subscribe to. Amazon itself used to operate an RSS feed but has since abandoned it. However, you can still subscribe to the SlickDeals RSS feed.

These feeds are a great way to stay informed through the Prime Day celebrations, but, more generally, RSS can improve your life too. When you’ve found feeds you want to subscribe to, you’ll need an RSS reader, like one of these new RSS reader apps 5 New RSS Reader Apps for News Feeds and Podcast Subscriptions RSS isn't dead. These new RSS readers promise to make you fall in love with news feeds again. Read More .

Discover Reddit’s Deal Finding Subreddits

Reddit, the self-proclaimed homepage of the internet, has a number of deal-finding subreddits. Each of these subreddits can be turned into an RSS feed too. By adding .rss to the end of any Reddit URL, you create an RSS feed.

The best subreddits for deal-hunting are:

If you’ve not come across Reddit before, you may be interested in how Reddit works What Is Reddit and How Does It Work? What is Reddit and how does it work? How do you start using Reddit as a beginner? We'll walk you through it. Read More .

Use Visualping to Track Amazon Prices

Setting up website change monitoring on Visualping

While we’ve already touched on price-tracking apps, there are other ways to get price change notifications. If you’re after a specific product at a particular price, check out Visualping.

Visualping is a site that allows you to monitor changes to specific web pages. So, while it’s not officially a price tracker, it can be used as one. The site continuously checks a web page for any changes and will send you an email or notification when it happens.

Visualping is available on the web, or as a Chrome extension. The Chrome extension enables on-device notifications. If you choose to use the website, you’ll need to enter an email address for change alerts.

One downside is that Visualping doesn’t help you find the best deals, only price changes. If you want to become a more savvy Amazon shopper, you’ll be interested in these better ways to shop on Amazon 10 Better Ways to Shop on Amazon Save money and shop better on Amazon with these sites and tools. This list will show you how to get the most out of every purchase when shopping on Amazon. Read More .

Download: Visualping for Chrome | Web (Free)

Getting the Best Prime Day Deals for You

Hunting down the best deals on Prime Day depends on what you want to buy. For most shoppers, installing an app is probably the most straightforward option.

However, if you have an item in mind, create IFTTT Applets based on price changes and RSS feeds may help you find the steepest discounts. Now you know how to find the best savings, here’s everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day When Is Amazon Prime Day? And 9 More Things to Know About It When is Amazon Prime Day 2020? What is Prime Day? What deals can you expect on Prime Day? Here are all the answers you need! Read More .

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  1. cyndy
    July 7, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    The only watchlist I can find for Amazon is for the digital side and keeping track of movies and shows. I can't see where any of the lists I have track pricing or alert me to drops in price. Maybe I'm not looking in the correct place.

    • Kannon Yamada
      July 8, 2016 at 1:16 am

      Can I ask what method you're using? If you install a mobile application (the official Amazon mobile app), you must enable Watchlists before you'll be able to track items for price changes. I updated the instructions in this article (at the end of the section on "There's an app for that"). Hope that helps! Let me know if that doesn't help.

  2. Rhonda
    July 7, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    Great suggestions, and I installed Amazon Price Alert on my phone. I realize many (most?) people use their phone as their main connection to the internet, but I'd love to see a way to get an alert by using my desktop. It's so much easier to browse Amazon on a desktop (at least in my opinion) and since I sit at my desk most of the day, it would be a much more convenient way to keep up with deals on products I'm interested in. I just did a quick search on my own, and there are several options out there, so maybe people like me will just do their own work :-) Great site--keep up the good work.

    • Kannon Yamada
      July 8, 2016 at 1:17 am

      Hi Rhonda!

      Have you tried using the browser option? The Visualping Chrome extension can hook into your desktop. IFTTT can also work for the desktop, although it appears that something is wrong with the recipes that i published.