Get 10 Great Mac Apps to Supercharge Your Productivity For Only $10!

Dave LeClair 27-01-2015

$1 an app. These 10 apps are designed to boost your productivity for just $10. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that, but this deal is only available for a limited time, so you need to make sure you purchase it quickly!

Disk Map


If you need to keep track of your Mac’s hard drive, this is a fantastic app for getting the job done. It provides a visual interface to judge the amount of space your files and folders take up on your drive. It also includes the tools you need to delete, compress, and move files. It’s your one stop hard drive organization tool.

MenuTab Pro for Facebook


Don’t want to open your browser to access to your Facebook account? Well that’s just what this app allows. With just a click on your Mac’s menubar, you’ll be able to connect with your friends, read what they’re up to, share an update and respond to messages.

NotesTab Pro


This is another cool app that sits in the menubar for whenever you need to get access to it quickly, only this time it’s designed to allow you to take notes. This way, when you think of something you want to jot down, NotesTab Pro will allow you to do it in an instant, instead of having to launch a new program. It has a slick interface, and should prove to be quite useful.

CopyClip 2


Every computer should have a clipboard manager, and this is a fantastic one for Mac. No longer will you lose a snippet of text that you copied. Just drop down the app from the menubar, select it, and use it again, just like when you copied it the first time. It doesn’t get much easier, or more streamlined than that!

Privacy Protector


This is a simple app that’s designed to rid your computer of sensitive information and things that could be violating your privacy. If you’re worried about what information might be stored on your Mac, this is an app will save you so much time from performing cleanup tasks manually. Focus your time on more important things!

Share Bucket


If you need an easy way to take and share screenshots, Share Bucket is all you need. It syncs with all kinds of popular Cloud storage solutions, allowing you to snap and annotate a screenshot quickly, and then it lets you share it with anyone on the services you already use.



In order to maintain a high level of productivity, your hardware has to keep up. You want to make sure your Mac is running as smoothly as possible. Well. StatsBar allows you to keep tabs on all aspects of your computer’s health and performance so you can identify problems and fix them quickly. Things like CPU, memory usage, disk usage, and more can be tracked, so it really is the one app you need manage your Mac’s health.



This simple menubar app allows you to keep tabs on the stock market quickly and easily. It’s similar to the Stocks widget in that it gives you a brief overview of how the stocks are performing, allowing you to keep current with just a quick click. For investors, this is an app that you’re definitely going to want to use!

Alerts for Gmail


You use Gmail? Of course, everyone has a Gmail account it seems! Well, if you want an easier way to keep track of your new emails in your menubar, look no further than Alerts for Gmail. When you get a new email, you’ll get notified in an instant.

InstaReel for Instagram


Some people can spend hours surfing Instagram. If you’re taking a break Achieve Your Resolutions With Persevy and the Pomodoro Method One of the most popular productivity methods, the Pomodoro technique, is ideal to achieve your goals. And new web app Persevy makes it easier than ever to track your progress. Read More and would to spend a few minutes (not more) on Instagram, then this is the perfect app for you. Tou can get the best features of the popular photo sharing service right in your Mac’s menubar. You can see your feed, you can like and comment on images, and you can discover new content, all with just one click. Then close it, and get back to work.

Wrapping Up

How often do you get a chance to obtain 10 fantastic applications for your Mac for just $10? It’s a deal that doesn’t come around often, and like all good deals, it won’t last! So make sure to head over to the deal’s page and purchase it right away! Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

All sales are final. Apps are available for download instantly after purchase.

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