GestureSearch: Search Android Phone By Drawing Letters
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The iPhone may be one of the coolest gadgets around but when it comes to search nobody innovates like Google. The most recent example of this is the GestureSearch app for the Android phone. GestureSearch allows you to search android phone by simply drawing the letters on your screen using your finger.

As you draw the first letter, the app starts bringing up search results. If you want to start over, simply draw a horizontal line on the left. The updated version of the app lets you launch the app by simply moving it to one side and then back to the regular position.

The search works for contacts, bookmarks, apps and music present on your Android phone. The app requires Android 1.6 or higher.

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Demo video:


  • Search Android content by drawing letters on the screen.
  • Activate app with a flip action.
  • Search contacts, bookmarks, apps and music.
  • Works with Android 1.6 or higher.

Download GestureSearch from

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