gb4less: Find Out Which Hard Drive Will Cost You The Least Per GB

Umar 04-10-2010

Since we use our computers to store all types of information and a lot of it, we often need high capacity hard drives. For the average computer user the only thing differentiating hard drives is their price and capacity. gb4less makes use of these factors to help determine the best hard drive for you.


hard drive cost per gb

gb4less is a free to use website that was created by MakeUseOf’s tech guy Jorge Sierra. The idea behind the website is simple yet brilliant: the site calculates the cost per GB of each drive i.e. it lists drives based on their cost per GB. In addition to hard drives other memory devices are also listed including RAM modules and USB flash drives.

For each device you are shown the approximate amount you save when compared to the median price per gigabyte. By default the site filters and displays drives that have received at least 30 user ratings and an average rating of 4 (based on a 1-5 rating scale). You can adjust the filters to match your preferences and find which device best serves your needs. Purchase links for the drives are included on the site.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you search for hard drives and memory devices.
  • Helps determine which drives cost cheapest per GB.
  • Provides user ratings for each drive.
  • Displays the amount you save on each drive relative to the median price per gigabyte.

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