Games of Thrones and Straight Outta Compton Collide in These Funny Images

ROFL 18-08-2015

I’ll admit that the meme generator 5 Awesome Meme Generators on the Web Anyone who spends any serious amount of time on the Web will be aware of Internet memes. At least those who venture into the useless-yet-entertaining side streets the Web has to offer. Those who are... Read More over at got old pretty quickly, with everyone on social media posting the pictures over a period of a few days. While certainly a clever marketing move to get people interested in the Straight Outta Compton biopic, it felt a little forced, like most attempts at making something a meme.

However, Game of Thrones Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters When They Were Young Read More fansite Winter Is Coming came up with a clever use of the site, asking its users to tweet funny images from the popular TV show in the tool. For GoT fans, the results are quite comical, and it just goes to show that even forced meme tools used for the soulless purpose of marketing can still lead to something really cool and interesting.

Check out a sample of five of our favorites below, and head over to the contest page for all of the winners and some honorable mentions.

Oh yeah, if you’re behind on the show, there are minor spoilers GoT Spoiled? How to Avoid Game of Thrones Spoilers I managed to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers for the duration of Season 5. In doing so, I learned how to ensure the Internet doesn't ruin your favorite television show. Read More to follow.

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