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Guy McDowell 15-03-2013

android game wallpaperI love video games! You love video games! The difference between you and I is that you probably actually play with them while I admire them from afar. Fact is, I’m still playing Icewind Dale. But that’s not the point. The point is I can still enjoy the presence of my favourite video games in new and exciting ways on my Samsung Android phone. And you can too!


When I first went looking for video game wallpapers for my phone, I was vaguely aware of what a Live Wallpaper was  but I had no idea how involving they can be. Sure, I knew about themes too, I remember applying themes to Firefox back in the day, and even Windows 98. But themes on an Android device are a whole other experience.

The difference between old static wallpapers and operating system themes is that they were just window dressing. You didn’t even really notice them unless your desktop was empty or you were just sitting at your computer waiting for something to happen. But now…now they engage you! Now they are like mini-companions to the real games themselves. I want to show you a few of my favourite video game-based themes and wallpapers for your Android device too.

Diablo III – Live Wallpaper

The whole Diablo series is iconic. I’m sure this game can be credited with lots of failed high school and college courses. So looking for a Diablo themed wallpaper was great for me. This is also the one that introduced me to Live Wallpaper on my Droid. Check out the screenshots below. In the first one, you see the great Diablo III logo with the fire burning up as though through tears made by razor-like claws.

Of course, in the Live Wallpaper, those flames are animated and move! If you touch the screen then the screen lights up with streams and balls of fire where you swiped it. That set the hook in me right there.

android game wallpaper


In the second screen shot, you see that you can change some of the settings on the wallpaper. This is also the only place that you see ads, which is pretty cool of the developer if you ask me. The only setting worth really playing with is the Touch Effect Style. That’s right – Fire Touch or BLOOD SPLATTER!!! That makes the fact that this is the only setting worth tweaking really a null point.

Diablo Resources

With this app you can get a ghoulishly great visual of where your battery level is at, as well as your internal memory or SD RAM. The red orb tracks battery and the blue can be set to track either the internal memory or the SD RAM. Combine this with the Diablo III Live Wallpaper and you’ve got a tribute to one of the greatest games ever in your hands at all time.

android video game wallpapers

Mario Bros Pose Live

Thinking old school, because I can, I started looking for something Nintendo-ish, something with ethnic stereotypes. That’s when I came across the Mario Bros Pose Live wallpaper. Don’t even click on the link. It’s 90 seconds of your life that you’ll never get back. I was fooled by the ominous shadows and the term ‘pose’.


I thought maybe they would change poses like some sort of 8-bit Vladimir and Estragon simply waiting for me to do something that I might never do. Nothing. They just stood there holding their balls of fire looking like they took too many shrooms.

android video game wallpapers

I should have known something was up during the installation. The developer warned me that this software was going to, ‘display ads in my notification center and place icons to recommend services on my home screen.’ Did it ever. You can see in the far right frame that a short-cut to ‘Hack’n Slash’ was immediately installed. And that’s about all it did.

Out of the pipes and straight to the dustbin with you two. I’ve deleted it from my device, yet I still get messages from it.


Doom Live Wallpaper

Another classic. Fret not, there will be some more modern ones in this article. Just not yet. Now this wallpaper is pretty much a full-blown self-playing game that you can interact with. DoomGuy wanders around your screen showing of his bulging pixels and laying waste to everything in his site.

android video game wallpapers

Once you install this package there are almost as many settings to play with as there was in the original Doom. The best feature is, of course, God Mode. I played original Doom for at least three months before I learned about God Mode, now it’s just a tap on the screen. You can set it so that you can just tap on the screen to drop Powerups for DoomGuy as well. Of course, if you’re in God Mode, you don’t need that.

In the third screen from the left, you’ll see that the app keeps track of of your Kills and Deaths, so it really does become pretty much a game unto itself. I had a lot of fun watching the adventure unfold, and I think this will be my wallpaper of choice for awhile.


Halo Live Wallpaper

My first exposure to Halo was also my first exposure to Machinima A Hearty Collection of Funny Skyrim Parodies and Videos [Stuff to Watch] All good things must be mocked, and the latest epic fantasy RPG from Bethesda is no different. Today we’ve got a selection of parodies and in-game videos that will hopefully amuse, inspire and tickle you... Read More – specifically the one where the Warthog training session was synced up with dialogue from Napoleon Dynamite. Still sweet.

Again, I’m blown away by the amount of options that you can choose for the wallpaper. Even better on this one, you can display YOUR own Spartan from Halo 4 with your Gamertag. What’s cool about that is that if you’re hanging with your friends you’ve got your Spartan right there to show off. Now, most of the settings on this wallpaper simply adjust visual elements.

Once the wallpaper is set, there aren’t any interactive features. Nonetheless, this is a very sharp looking wallpaper.

android game wallpaper

There are so many different game-themed wallpapers out there. I found it a little hard to find them on Google Play, but if you know the specific name of a game, I can almost guarantee you there is a Live Wallpaper for it for your Android device. I was going to include one about Skyrim, but ever since I took an….ahhh forget it.

A Word of Warning

These wallpapers are indeed applications, and they will take up resources on your Android device. They will drain your battery faster Squeeze More Life From Your Android Battery With These Apps So how do you know how well your battery is holding up? And if you just got a new Android, how can you make sure you are getting the most efficient use of your battery... Read More and, in my phone, heat it up a little bit if it’s in your pocket. So keep that in mind when you start adding them to your device. Because they are apps and are running all the time, you may find that some of them will cause your phone to lock up. I wouldn’t recommend using these on a phone where getting calls is critical. Also, if you’re really into gaming, don’t forget to check out the selections on our list of best Android games.

In the end, they are a lot of fun. Did I show you something you haven’t seen before for your Android? Have you seen something along these lines I haven’t seen before? Either way, join me in the comments section below and we can trade tips.

Image Credit: Old Game Boy, New DS by Sin Amigos Via Flickr

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