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Family Feud, Jeopardy, and More Game Shows for Your Phone

Sandy Writtenhouse 04-07-2017

If you are a fan of television game shows, then why not enter as a contestant on your mobile device? These fun games 20 Fast and Quick Mobile Games to Kill Time on Android and iPhone Bored and need to kill five minutes or so? Here are the best fast mobile games that you can start and stop whenever. Read More are all based on the money-winning shows you watch. You won’t win real prizes or bundles of cash, but you can still have a good time beating your opponents.


Family Feud Live!

You won’t get a kiss from Richard Dawson and don’t need a family for this fun challenge. Family Feud Live! is a fast-paced and enjoyable game based on the entertaining TV show. Do your best to guess the top answers on the board in a one-on-one race against the clock.

iphone family feud live

When the question and number of answers available displays, type your answer as fast as you can. Luckily, you will see suggestions you can tap as you type. You can keep guessing until time runs out; just be aware you will lose points for incorrect answers. After three rounds, the winner is rewarded with a prize based on the number of coins wagered. Survey says that Family Feud Live! is a winner.

For coins, tickets, and packs for Family Feud Live!, head to the in-game store to make your purchases.

DownloadFamily Feud Live! for Android | iOS (Free)


Family Feud 2

Very similar to Family Feud Live! — and still without a kiss from Mr. Dawson — is Family Feud 2. The gameplay in this version of the popular game show is a little different than the one above. But you still must type fast and can tap the suggestions shown to move quicker.

Each game includes three rounds and you have limited time for each. What’s different about Family Feud 2 is that you cannot keep guessing until time runs out. If you guess wrong three times and receive those strikes, the round is over. But if you are the high scorer in the end, you get to play for Fast Money.

You can connect to Facebook Connecting Games To Facebook -- What's In It For You? You're in the zone on your favorite puzzle game. You catch the false move that would have doomed you before you commit to it, and a moment later, you finally seize sweet victory! Read More , check out tournaments when you reach level five, and get more coins to play via in-app purchases.

DownloadFamily Feud 2 for Android | iOS [No Longer Available] (Free)


Jeopardy! World Tour

When you are ready to take your knowledge for a real test, go on a world tour with Alex Trebek. Jeopardy! World Tour takes you from Los Angeles to Sydney to Rome. Earn money for beating your opponents to unlock the locations and earn XP to move up in the levels.

The game will challenge you to beat two other contestants in a variety of categories, just like on the hit show. And for a little help, you start each game with three random power-ups like point-doublers and extra time to answer.

Jeopardy! World Tour has cash and gold bars available via in-app purchases. And, to show your friends just how smart you are, you can sign in with your Facebook account for extra gold and bragging rights when you win.

DownloadJeopardy! World Tour for Android | iOS (Free)


Sports Jeopardy!

Think you know your sports? Then it’s time to play Sports Jeopardy! and show your stuff. When the game begins, you will see six categories with one selected at random. So, be ready for questions about expected categories like the NFL, MLB, and college sports — but prepare for softball, archery, and horse racing topics too.

Answer the questions correctly or pass if you haven’t a clue. Your opponent will take their turn when they are ready, and the results display when the game ends. You will also get a chance to play Double Jeopardy, Final Jeopardy, and even the Daily Double to raise that score of yours.

Sports Jeopardy! offers in-app purchases for tickets, coins, and clues to help you throughout the game.

DownloadSports Jeopardy! for Android | iOS (Free)


Wheel of Fortune Free Play

Feel like you are right there in the studio with Pat and Vanna in Wheel of Fortune Free Play. You receive tickets to play — five to start — that recharge over time. Travel from New York to Las Vegas to Moscow as you continue to win.

Gameplay is simple and just like you would hope. There are three contestants. Each spins and guesses a letter or buys a vowel, and does their best to solve the puzzle. If you win, you get to play the famous bonus round and win in-game cash and prizes that move you up in the ranks and help unlock future cities.

If you connect to Facebook, you can play against your pals. Wheel of Fortune Free Play offers in-app purchases Why You'll Never Stop Seeing Ads & IAPs in Mobile Apps Advertisements and in-app purchases in mobile apps and games can be really annoying. Unfortunately, they won't be going away any time soon. Here's why. Read More for diamonds and to remove the ads.

DownloadWheel of Fortune Free Play for Android | iOS (Free)

Wheel of Fortune Slots Casino

A casino slot game is certainly different than the Wheel of Fortune show on television. But who better to know about spinning wheels? Wheel of Fortune Slots Casino is a fun theme for an equally enjoyable game.

Spin the wheel to get started and receive credits for the slot machines as the beautiful Vanna White guides you. You can pick from and unlock a variety of themed machines like Vanna Glamor Edition, Caribbean Adventures, and Fiesta. Then, place your bet, spin, and (hopefully) win.

Wheel of Fortune Slots Casino offers a selection of in-app purchases for credits, bundles, and wheel spins.

DownloadWheel of Fortune Slots Casino for Android | iOS (Free)

Millionaire Online

Based on the show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Millionaire Online puts you in the hot seat. With this mobile trivia challenge, you answer questions correctly to move up the money meter. Start at $200 and see if you can make it all the way to $150,000.

Just like the original game show, you can get help if you need it. Phone a friend, poll the audience, or have two answers removed for a 50-50 chance. When you make it to certain money levels, you will win that amount at the very least. Just make sure that the answer you give is your final answer.

Millionaire Online offers classic and online modes, character customization, and in-app purchases for diamond packs and to remove the ads.

DownloadMillionaire Online for Android | iOS (Free)

The Price Is Right Bingo

It may not be the classic game show you love, but if you enjoy playing bingo, give The Price Is Right Bingo a spin. It has the jazzy jingle you remember and bingo rooms themed with the show games like Plinko, Safe Crackers, Shell Game, and Cliff Hangers. Keep moving up the levels and unlock them all.

Use tickets to purchase up to four cards to better your chances. You are playing against other players, so pay attention when those letter and number combos are called. Earn XP, additional tickets, keys, and coins when you get that bingo!

If you would like to purchase more items, come on down to the in-game The Price Is Right Bingo store for chips, cash, coins, and more.

DownloadThe Price Is Right Bingo for Android | iOS (Free)

Which Mobile Game Show Would You Like to See?

Television game shows may not be as popular as they once were, but they are still around. And you can find them on several different channels. Aided by these games, we can see them making a comeback soon!

Do you prefer board games over game show games on your mobile device? If so, check out classic board games available on Android The 11 Best Classic Board Game Apps for Your Phone Some classic board games have made the move to mobile. Here are the best classic board game apps you need to play today. Read More . Or for something really different, download some bizarre games for both Android and iOS Ready to Get Weird? 7 Bizarre Mobile Games You'll Love Flinging birds and matching candies is a ton of fun. But if you're in the mood for something out of the ordinary, check out these bizarre mobile games for Android and iOS. Read More .

If you have a favorite TV game show that you would like to see come to mobile devices, share your thoughts below!

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