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Galaxy Note 7 Owners Can Get $100 to Stick With Samsung

Dave Parrack 13-10-2016

If you’re a Galaxy Note 7 owner looking to ditch your phone before it sets fire to your hair, Samsung has an offer for you. In a nutshell, the company is willing to pay you cold, hard cash to stick with Samsung.


Samsung has now officially extended the recall to include every Galaxy Note 7 handset out in the wild. That includes the second batch of devices that were issued in exchange for the original batch. In other words, if you own a Galaxy Note 7, Samsung wants it back. Unfortunately, some idiots intend to keep their exploding Samsung phones Some Idiots Are Keeping Their Exploding Samsung Phones In case you missed the news, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dead. And yet some Galaxy Note 7 owners are refusing to give up on their favorite smartphone. Idiots. Read More .

In the U.S. you have several options available to you. You can exchange your Note 7 for another Samsung phone, exchange your Note 7 for another manufacturer’s phone, or get your money back. Samsung obviously wants you to choose the first option, and it’s willing to slip you a small backhander if you do so.

If you choose to seek a refund or switch to another brand, Samsung will give you $25 in credit for your trouble. But if you switch your Galaxy Note 7 for another Samsung phone, that $25 magically becomes $100. Yes, Samsung is bribing you with a Benjamin. Even if you have already swapped your Note 7 for a different Samsung phone, the company is willing to cough up the cash.

Can $100 Buy Your Loyalty?

This all feels a little tasteless, if we’re honest. Samsung obviously needs to keep as many customers as it can in order to weather the Note 7 storm and emerge out of the other side unscathed. But doing that by offering people a cash reward to stay loyal seems a little underhanded.

Who could blame Galaxy Note 7 owners for wanting to jump ship at this point? They’ve had their phones recalled at least once, and possibly twice. And those who have actually had their phones explode on them Dump Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for Something Less Dangerous All four major US carriers are now letting their customers dump the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Customers can exchange their device for a less dangerous alternative. Read More are unlikely to ever trust Samsung again. $100 probably isn’t going to change that.


Do you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Are you planning to keep hold of it regardless of official advice? Return it for a refund? Swap it for another manufacturer’s phone? Or swap it for another Samsung? If the latter, has the $100 credit swayed your decision? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Frankieleon via Flickr

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