BadTranslator: Make Any Text Funny via Multiple Translations

TehseenBaweja 31-07-2010

There are several tools that translate your text from one language to another. Many times, when a translator can get the essence of the statement, the translation goes out of text and gets funny. BadTranslator is a tool that does exactly by that by taking your text and translating it back and forth between English and other languages.


You can choose to translate 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 56 times. Each time the text is translated from English to a random foreign language and then back again, usually resulting in a pretty funny final translation.

You can also browse through the collection of funniest translations, post comments on a translation, rate them or share them on Facebook. The original text can belong to any of the 58 different languages that the tool supports.

funny translator


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