Fun Senses Tests: Visual, Hearing, Reaction, …, Disgust

Aibek Esengulov 03-06-2007

Bunch of fun sense tests, cool exercises for your eyes, interesting demos (i.e. being deaf) and a couple of office time-wasters.



Fun Senses Tests: Visual, Hearing, Reaction, ..., Disgust visual tests

(1) Color Vision – check whether you’re colorblind

(2) Spot It – cool 2-min exercise for your eyes: spot O among hundreds of Q’s, 6 among 9’s and so on.

(3) Framing Game – test whether both of your eyes TURN ON at the same time.



Fun Senses Tests: Visual, Hearing, Reaction, ..., Disgust hearing tests

(4) FreeHearing – 1. simple hearing test, 2. simulated hearing loss, and 3. bunch of environmental sounds (jet plane, crowd, rain storm, etc.)

(5) Hearing Frequency Range – most people can hear sounds within 15-20.000 Hz range, see if you can hear beyond it.

(6) Pitch Perception – 6 min. long test to measure your pitch perception ability


Fun Senses Tests: Visual, Hearing, Reaction, ..., Disgust reaction test

(7) Running sheep | Background changes – 2 fun tests to measure your reaction speed. Running sheep also shows how well you have performed among all the other testers.

(8) Fake Smile – find out whether you can spot the difference between a fake and a real smile.

(9) Senses Challenge – some of those moments when you brain tricks your eyes …

(10) Sensitivity to Disgust – 20 question (10 min) test to measure your sensitivity to disgust.

Feel like something is missing? Do everyone a favor and add it in comments.

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