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This Fun Photo Challenge Site Has Mentors Who Help You Improve

Saikat Basu 25-07-2017

Photography challenges aren’t just good for awards. They’re wonderful for boosting your confidence.


Try one some time.

You may not go home with a prize, but even a few polite Likes on your photo will reinforce that you are a worthy shutterbug. You didn’t waste your time or money buying that expensive Canon.

And GuruShots is just the right place to start out. It’s a system of open photography contests Photo Finish With The Best: 8 Photography Contests You Can Win With Your Best Snap Contest. That word has a charm of its own. Ever since the days of the cavemen right till today's Olympics, the brave and the meek have gone up against each other. Photographers aren't in any... Read More  where you can pit your skills against photographers from around the world. For the budding hobbyist, it can even fill gaps in photographic education — but most importantly, it’s fun.

Anyone Can Participate in GuruShots

Every good photography website must show off with a sleek design, and GuruShots sends just the right signals. It’s sleek but not too busy. It’s intuitive but not overpowering.

Sign up with Facebook, Instagram, or email and throw yourself into the ring. You can upload photos from your computer, Instagram, or Google Photos. But first, be sure to pick the right challenge.


This Fun Photo Challenge Site Has Mentors Who Help You Improve OpenChallenge

In the top navigation, you’ll see a tab for Open Challenges. Each challenge is clearly described and you should follow the brief to the letter. Each challenge also offers a few extra perks sometimes, like the chance to contribute to an upcoming book — that is, if your photo passes the critical test.

This Fun Photo Challenge Site Has Mentors Who Help You Improve Gurushots Challenge

All GuruShots challenges are global and anyone can participate. Here are five key features that you should know about:

  • You can submit 4 photos per challenge. Each GuruShots challenge is run by award-winning photographers.
  • The gurus offer mentorship throughout as members submit images. You too can become a guru by showcasing your skills.
  • Photos are ranked based on a community voting system. You can win three awards in each challenge: Top Photographer, Top Photo, and Guru’s Top Pick.
  • The algorithm is designed to give each photo an equal opportunity. It is “blind” and you don’t get to see who you are voting for.
  • Track individual ranking progress in real-time. Earn your way through Popular, Skilled, Premier, Elite, and All-Star levels.

Start With the Newbie of the Month Challenge

This challenge will help you see how things work. You can join any other challenge too alongside this. But check out the Winners gallery for some inspiration. Maybe it will inspire you enough to dust off your DSLR, find time for your hobby, and join this global community.

What do you think about GuruShots? Have you learned anything from any other photography competition you took part in?

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