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Justin Pot 18-01-2010

Your standard Wikipedia article mentions a lot of places. Google Maps knows where they all are. Fullwiki aims to utilize Wikipedia’s textual content in a new way, it combines Wikipedia and Google Maps so that the precise location of anything mentioned is only a click away. For example, if a city is mentioned in an article, that city is given a link; click that link and you’re taken to its Google Map result.


wikipedia and google

The aim here is to supplement the textual information in Wikipedia with helpful maps; the result is often is a mess. Several articles on Wikipedia contain references to hundreds of locations, meaning the map you see is a world map so crowded with locations as to be useless.

Still, Fullwiki represents a new way to check out Wikipedia articles, and is a great supplement if you want a better geographic understanding of a particular article.

wikipedia and google


  • Wikipedia’s articles combined with Google Maps.
  • Click icon to locate any location mentioned in article.
  • No pictures on articles that feature maps.
  • Wikipedia content used legally as per Wikipedia’s license.

Check out Fullwiki. [Broken URL Removed]

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