FROONT: Design Your Website In a Responsive Interface & Get The Code

Umar 09-05-2013

It is not very convenient for a web developer to test their web design on a computer only to find that the design is buggy when viewed from a smartphone. Here to help you address this concern in the development stage is an app called FROONT.


FROONT is a free to use web service that lets you design websites in a responsive interface. You start using the web service by creating an account on the website. The next step is to begin with a new canvas although you can test the site with its demo page as well. On the canvas, you will find controls in the left pane that let you add containers, grids, text, images, and vectors. You can click on the element type that you want to add.


There might be a slight delay between your click on the button and the element actually appearing on the page – that is the loading time of the element. When the element is present on the page you can click it for it to be highlighted.


With an element selected, you will find its hierarchy box floating right there on the page. This floating hierarchy box lets you easily delete or be taken to a certain element. To edit elements, all you have to do is double click on the item. Items can be resized as well to suit your own design preferences. For text fields, a bunch of options will appear in a mini floating window that will let you add special formatting to the text.


FROONT: Design Your Website In a Responsive Interface & Get The Code Options

Once you are done making modifications to the page, you can get the CSS and HTML code of the page design. You can also share the URL of the pages you create to share designs with your friends and collaborators.

FROONT: Design Your Website In a Responsive Interface & Get The Code Source

While editing your designs, you can simply resize the browser window to see what your page will look like on a browser with smaller dimensions on, for example, a smartphone.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create webpages in a responsive interface.
  • Helps you save time spent testing website separately on devices.
  • Page readjusts itself when you resize browser window.

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