Friday Deals: Savings on Intel i7, Lossless Audio Players, Tablet Protection, and More! [UK]
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The weekend is here – so why not celebrate by checking out some of Amazon’s best deals. Today we feature Intel’s i7 processor, a lossless audio player, USB charging cables, flash drives, and tablet protection.

Intel Core i7 6700K Processor

Intel Core i7-6700K Intel Core i7-6700K Buy Now At Amazon $349.99

The Intel i7 is a 4GHz processor and features four cores, eight threads, and an 8MB cache. If you are in the market for a processor upgrade then take advantage of the mighty 28% off this high performance model from Intel.

FiiO X3 (2nd Gen) Lossless Digital Audio Player

FiiO X3-II High Resolution Music Player (2nd Generation) FiiO X3-II High Resolution Music Player (2nd Generation) Buy Now At Amazon $159.81

Most people may stream their music these days, but for all us audiophiles it can be a difficult experience hearing the audio be downgraded to a lower bitrate. The FiiO X3 is a portable, iPod style device that natively supports high resolution audio files like APE, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, WMA, and WAV. With 11 hours playback time and 20% off, before heading on your summer travels pick one up to experience hours of HD audio.

Anker PowerLine micro-USB Cable (1ft)

Anker has been on a roll lately with their mobile accessories and their USB cables are no exception. Amazon is offering 67% off the 1ft version of this popular micro-USB cable.

Kingston 8GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Kingston Digital 8GB Data Traveler 3.0 USB Flash Drive - Yellow (DTIG4/8GB ) Kingston Digital 8GB Data Traveler 3.0 USB Flash Drive - Yellow (DTIG4/8GB ) Buy Now At Amazon $7.00

Flash storage has dropped in price considerably over the past few years, and its worth taking full advantage of that and stocking up on some to keep in a bag or around the house for whenever you need one. USB 3.0 has massively improved transfer speeds making this 8GB drive from Kingston worth the investment, especially since its discounted 39%.

OtterBox Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. 7″ Tablet (Black)

OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for Samsung Galaxy TAB 4 7.0 - Retail Packaging - BLACK OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for Samsung Galaxy TAB 4 7.0 - Retail Packaging - BLACK Buy Now At Amazon $37.99

OtterBox have made their name from their robust, hard-shell mobile and tablet cases. If you are an outdoorsy type that uses their tablet for mapping, or using it at work where there is a good chance it can get damaged – or even just leaving it with kids – then the OtterBox case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is a great purchase at 46% off.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 16, 2016 at 4:12 am

    "Intel Core i7 6700K Processor
    Price: $389.00
    Buy Now at"

    Funny, I bought the exact same processor a few weeks ago for $319.00

    • James Frew
      September 7, 2016 at 10:22 am

      We use a widget that provides links to your local Amazon page. If you are seeing the amounts in dollars then the widget is directing you to the US website. The deals featured in any posts tagged [UK] are only applicable to Amazon UK, although some may be available on the other local sites. Hope this helps.