Fresh Diagnose: Scan, Diagnose & Troubleshoot Your Computer’s Problems [Windows]

TehseenBaweja 02-08-2012

Fresh Diagnose is a tool for Windows users, helping them to detect and troubleshoot the hardware and software problems plaguing their computers. The application is helpful in running a deep check through your computer and highlighting the problem areas.


In order to make use of Fresh Diagnose, all you need to do is to download a small setup file of 2MB and save it to your desktop. The software can run checks on a number of types of hardware such as your desktop’s CPU, hard disk and motherboard, letting you optimize your computer system’s performance.

troubleshoot computer problems

Additionally, Fresh Diagnose also provides you with a detailed report of other areas other than the software and hardware sources of your computer system, which include your computer’s multimedia and networking settings.


  • Compatible with Windows 7/Vista/ XP.
  • Comprises a number of information categories related to your computer system such as TimeZone, Engines and Event Logging etc.
  • Also offers benchmarking options for your computer’s processor and hard drive.

Download Fresh Diagnose [No Longer Available]

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