FreeZone Helps Android Users Find Free WiFi Access Points

Justin Pot 10-03-2013

Teach your Android device the precise location of millions of free WiFi hotspots. Free Zone WiFi is an Android app that includes a map, showing you where you can find a free WiFi connection anywhere you happen to be on the road. You can even set the program to automatically connect to any and all free WiFi connections, perfect if you’re got a data plan you’d rather avoid using or even none at all.


Launch Free WiFi Zone and you’ll see a Google Map of your area – assuming you’ve enabled location services for your device. Flags indicate open and free WiFi access areas, so if there isn’t one nearby you know exactly where to go if you need Internet access. Most seem to be in retail areas, surrounding cafes and the like, but there are a few to be found in residential areas as well. If you find a network not on the map you can easily add it, helping other users find it as well.

find free wifi access

If Free Zone WiFi is running in the background, it can either vibrate to notify you every time there’s a network near by or simply connect automatically to every network it knows of. The idea is to avoid using your data plan as much as possible, but remember – constantly scanning for networks can and will drain your battery quickly.

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Be warned, many of these networks are simply titled “linksys” or “netgear”, meaning it’s not only possible but likely some of the networks pointed out are owned by people unaware they are sharing their connection. And, as always, public WiFi isn’t secure – don’t use unsecured networks to check your bank.


If you’re not an Android user there’s a web version of the map.

  • An easy-to-use Android app for finding free WiFi, anywhere.
  • Includes a map, so you know where to find free WiFi
  • Automatically connects to open networks
  • Potentially unsecured
  • Similar apps: Waifi Waifi: WiFi Hotspots Locator Read More , Wefi.
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