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Graphics designers often search for free high quality vectors and regular images to use in their projects. Most online resources that let people search for such free art do not distinguish between vectors and only photos. If you want a free vector and image search site that lets you control what you are searching for, then head on over to Freepik.

free high quality vectors

Freepik is a simple to use website that provides you with a great feature: searching for free-to-use vectors and photos. The site helps you find photos, illustrations, and vectors that can be used freely for your websites, banners, presentations, magazines, advertising, or any other designing project. You can control whether your search includes vector results, photos, or both.

If you want to know what images are being used most, you can check out the site’s “Most Popular Vectors” and “Most Popular Photos” sections. To obtain a vector or photo, simply click on its thumbnail; this will take you to the page where its resolution and download link is provided.

free quality vectors


  • A very easy to use website.
  • Lets you search for vectors and photos.
  • You can choose to search for only vectors, only photos, or both.
  • Vectors and photos in the search results are free to use in projects.
  • A highly helpful website for web and graphic designers.
  • Similar sites: VictorFinder, Vectorportal, The-Blueprints, AutoTracer, SeekLogo and Magnigraph.

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