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Jeffry Thurana 19-07-2008

Download Free Music, Videos & Movies On iTunes ipodblack Free music is and always has been one of the top internet favorites. (Remember Napster?) While the trend is already shifting from that dark p2p-age to the more civilized crowd, netizens today are still craving for free music and it IS available legally if you know where to look for it.


iTunes Freebies

With millions of song downloads, the term “internet and music” can’t be separated from iTunes and the store. So, it’s natural that many people turn to iTunes to find (free) music.

There are lots of them that you can find there, listed under the menu iTunes Store’s Home –> FREE ON iTunes and because the iTunes Store has expanded their line of business, you can also get free videos and movies. Strangely though, not all the freebies are listed there.

Download Free Music, Videos & Movies On iTunes free on itunes

To get the full list of iTunes freebies available, you need help from this site. On the front page, they show you the latest freebies from all categories (including free audiobooks), with links to the individual category freebies pages. They also give the option to get the latest updates using RSS.

If you think that is not enough, you can also download a free album with 34 songs from various artists. One of them is a group called “Harry and the Potters”. :)


Also keep an eye on a website called OCulture. Their RSS feed is worth subscribing to because they often tell you of free iTunes content worth downloading including music, audio books, podcasts and much more.

Finally, make sure to subscribe to MakeUseOf podcast here.

Getting an iTunes Account

Download Free Music, Videos & Movies On iTunes quick linksSadly, the freebies can only be downloaded by people with an iTunes account. This means that those who live in a country with no iTunes store (such as mine) cannot enjoy the goodies.

But there’s a solution to that problem. Using the free 34 songs offer above, anybody from any country – with or without an iTunes store – can get an iTunes account. Here’s how:

    • 1. After getting the code, go to the iTunes Store from iTunes.


    • 2. Click Redeem in the Quick Links panel at the iTunes Store’s Home page.


    • 3. Enter the code and click Redeem. These three steps will be done automatically if you follow the link from TuneCore’s page


    • 4. If you don’t have an account yet, click Create an Account.


    5. Follow the steps and you’ll get the account.

Free iPhone Ringtones

Many people believe that Apple shouldn’t charge their customer more to have the purchased song converted into an iPhone ringtone. The people at Nakko have the same opinion. That’s why they provide a free tool to do just that. Sign up and start pimping that iPhone (their words, not mine).

If you know of any other freebies for iTunes, throw them all in the comments below. Where do you get your free legal music, audiobooks, videos and podcasts?

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    I tried to sign up, but it said i had to pay money on credit card. Is it free?

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    I often use to download free music.For free music videos, I choose Video Download Capture. Hope you guys will like them too.

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