10 Ways That Free Web Hosting Is Bad for Your First Website

Rob Nightingale 13-03-2017

When setting up a website for the first time, the “free” option can be very tempting. We all want to save some cash, after all. But whatever you do, don’t fall for the snake oil salesman tactics of these free web hosting providers.


They might promise to get your site online without spending a dime. They may even offer you a “free domain”. But these offers are almost never worth the downsides they come with. They’re a terrible idea, and one you’ll only end up regretting.

Sure, not all free hosting providers are as bad as each other. Not all of them will have every one of the problems mentioned below. But they’re almost guaranteed to have at least a few of them.

It’s far wiser to choose an affordable, premium hosting provider The Best Web Hosting Services: Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Looking for the best web hosting service for your needs? Here are our best recommendations for your blog or website. Read More (the most popular type being managed, shared hosting) from the outset, to save yourself plenty of headaches (and probably money) in the long run.

We recommend going with InMotion Hosting’s Secure WordPress Hosting.

1. Nothing Is Really Free

In this world, nothing is truly free. These free web hosting companies, for instance, use a freemium business model. They offer a (very limited) free version of their full hosting services in the hope you’ll upgrade to their premium service in the future. You may only get 50 MB of storage and a tiny amount of bandwidth. No FTP access, and no way to transfer your content to another provider.


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The free version is so limited that you’ll soon need to upgrade. To avoid the hassle of trying to move your site and its contents to another provider (which often isn’t even possible unless you upgrade), you’ll probably just cave, and pay for their service, even though it’s more expensive than most other premium options.

2. Your Site Could Disappear at Any Time

If the free hosting provider you choose finds itself in any trouble, they may shut down their services. You’ll likely be warned about this as per their terms and conditions, but that doesn’t mean your site content is safe.

Sometimes, services will just stop new signups, while keeping your site online (for a certain amount of time). But if the company decides to completely fold, and you didn’t transfer your content to another provider in time, you could find all your content deleted for good. These free hosting providers have also been known to remove sites if they break the T&Cs of the service in any way. That’s a big risk.


If you were using their “free domain” when this happens, any backlinks you built What Are Backlinks, Why Are They Important, and How Can I Get Them? If someone like Tim Cook recommends a website for iPhone app reviews, you would probably pay attention, right? That is what backlinks are all about, and it's why Google cares so much about them. Read More to your site become useless. When you re-publish your content on another site, you’ll be back to square one when it comes to search engine optimization Demystify SEO: 5 Search Engine Optimization Guides That Help You Begin Search engine mastery takes knowledge, experience, and lots of trial and error. You can begin learning the fundamentals and avoid common SEO mistakes easily with the help of many SEO guides available on the Web. Read More (SEO).

Start off with a domain name that you own. And with a hosting provider that allows you to easily backup and transfer your site.

3. Want to Sell Your Blog? Tough.

If you read the T&Cs of most free hosting providers, you’ll find out you don’t actually own that website. If you ever want to sell or transfer your site to someone else, you can’t. It’s their property, not yours.

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Make sure you read the small print carefully. Some free hosting providers have also been known to retain ownership of your content too. That’s pretty insane, and especially troubling for professional photographers and artists who might upload images of their work.

So always go over the details with a fine-tooth comb.

4. No Server Control

Let’s say you publish a post that starts to become popular on Reddit How to Consistently Hit the Top Page of Reddit I've decided to dig deep into what Charles Chu had discovered, looking for insight into what it takes to craft a popular Reddit post that readers can't help but engage with. Read More or StumbleUpon. It’s likely that you’ll quickly exceed the bandwidth limit you get as part of your free hosting. Your site will go down, and you’ll lose tons of readers.

Buy some premium hosting from the get-go. Most people naturally hope their site will become more popular. It just might. Premium hosting doesn’t cost that much. You’ll get a much higher bandwidth limit, and if you manage to exceed that limit, you’ll be able to upgrade for a far more reasonable price.


5. It’ll Look Terrible

There are a number of reasons why websites hosted by free providers usually look terrible.

You’ll only be able to choose between a few basic themes. You might be able to alter the colors, and make some small layout changes, but it’s difficult to polish a turd.

You have to live with forced ads. Many free hosting providers expect to make cash from your site. Again, nothing is free. So expect to see some pretty irrelevant ads (or ads that directly compete with your own site) splashed all over your pages. This isn’t always the case, but it’s very common.

6. You Can’t Improve Your Site

As I said, you’ll barely be able to customize your site. But another issue is the complete lack of plugins and other helpful bits that can help you improve your site in the future.

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Forget advanced customization. If you wanted to sell a few things, start a mailing list, etc. you’ll often need to install plugins (especially if you’re using WordPress). Free hosting only offers the very basics, which excludes plugins. If you want to do anything more than these very basics then, you’ll need to upgrade to premium hosting.

7. That Free Domain Might Not Really Be a Domain

Usually, when you sign up for free hosting you’ll be offered a “free domain name”. This will usually look something like Hardly professional, right?

Remember, your site address is not your own. What you’re being offered here is a subdomain. To reiterate, you never own this domain name. If their service shuts down, your website and your “free domain name” are likely to go with it.

It is easy and cheap to create a TLD. Buy a top level domain (TLD) that has been approved by IANA (such as .com or There are currently around 1,500 TLDs to choose between.

8. Moving Is a Nightmare

If you ever want to move your site to another hosting provider, prepare for a shed load of hassle if you’re using a free provider.

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These providers often make it as complicated as possible for you to migrate away from their services. They do this in the hope that you will be flummoxed by all the problems that come with moving your site, prompting you to just pay an extortionate amount for their paid service, in return for keeping your sanity.

9. Google Won’t Do You Any Favors

Long gone are the times when Google treated “professional” websites as equal to “free” websites (if there ever was such a time). This is because so many of those free sites are of such a low quality, that Google (often) assumes all of them aren’t that great.

The real harm of low search engine rankings. Websites on free web hosts are ripe targets for spammers. You will have to be more vigilant to stave off spammers. You’ll also find it harder to rank your website for certain keywords I Tried the New Moz Keyword Explorer and I Think I'm In Love The new Moz Keyword Explorer tool is a powerful weapon for SEO and keyword research. Read More if you’re using a free provider with your site hosted on one of their subdomains.

10. You Won’t Earn a Dime

If you’re hoping at any point to earn some ad revenue from your site, you’ll be disappointed. Most free hosting providers forbid you from including ads or affiliate links on your site.

Make your site future-proof. If you have even the slightest inkling that you might one day want to make some money from your site then, use a premium provider from day one. This ensures you have full control over your site, your content, and how you choose to monetize that content.

Buy Proper Hosting From the Outset

As you can see, free hosting just sets you up for headache after headache. And I haven’t even mentioned the limited or non-existent analytics, the lack of branded email addresses, complete lack of support, slow speeds, lack of uptime guarantees, and sub-par security.

Hell, just save yourself the hassle, and buy some web hosting from the outset. So in brief here are the critical reasons you should opt for a professional paid host versus a free web hosting company.

  • Take full control over your site.
  • Plan for better search rankings.
  • Get your own real domain name that contributes to your brand.
  • Keep the option open to move to new hosting providers.
  • Scale your site as it becomes more popular.

To see a list of the web hosting providers we most recommend, check out our best hosting provider list The Best Web Hosting Services: Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Looking for the best web hosting service for your needs? Here are our best recommendations for your blog or website. Read More .

Have you ever had problems with free hosting providers? And if you pay for hosting, which provider do you recommend?

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  1. Nevena
    September 5, 2018 at 6:09 pm

    Hi! Can you tell me why isn't there any free offshore web hosting? Thanks!

  2. jimvandamme
    March 21, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    There are some free sites which fit one's requirements perfectly. I have a couple family sites on Freehostia, which has no ads. I clicked off all your 'disadvantages' and none bother me. Of course the "It'll look terrible" is my own doing.

    • Rob Nightingale
      April 3, 2017 at 12:57 pm

      Sounds like you were lucky finding this one! Can you definitely move the site to another provider whenever you like, without much hassle?

  3. Nut
    March 17, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    I've used free hosting providers before. The very last one was X10Hosting. Although they offer CPanel, PHP and MySQL, the speed is not so good back then and I do have some problems with account suspensions. I finally decided to go for paid hosting, settling on Just Host after I asked one of my school friend for a recommendation on a web host. To this day I felt glad I move to Just Host as they provided much better support and more features such as automatic update of WordPress.

  4. Zhong
    March 14, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    I know you've covered the topic of web hosting in the past but I haven't yet to read an article about creating your own website: purchasing a domain, its varying types and services.

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.