5 Simple Free Scrapbooking Sites for Beginners

Bakari Chavanu 14-06-2010

<firstimage=”//” />free scrapbooking sitesIn the last five years or so, the art of digital scrapbooking has exploded, in part because of imagining software like Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop, and the plethora of digital resources, workshops, magazines, web sites, and graphic design techniques that can help anyone put together some eye pleasing visual memories and artifacts.


Scrapbooking is an art form of creating a paper-based collage centered around a memorable photo or set of photos. Traditionally, collages are created using an assortment of papers, markers, frames, rub-on letters, stickers, and other embellishment materials. But now in the age of digital software, scrapbooking can be more accessible for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on paper resources.

If you’re looking to boost your skills as a photographer or graphic designer, digital scrapbooking is useful hobby for achieving these goals. The following is a sampling of free scrapbooking sites that provide tutorials and free downloads for those wanting to get started with digital scrapbooking.

Free Digital

Free Digital provides a free monthly Scraplifter’s challenge based on a free Photoshop-based template. Of course, there are links to purchase additional file downloads, such as fonts, brushes, custom shapes, etc.

free scrapbooking sites

But before you spend money on extra resources, download and open the template (link is on the tutorial page) in any version of Photoshop and see what you can come with on your own. The neat thing about these kind of templates is that you’re not just adding photos to the layout, but you are customizing them based on your own creative ideas. The template is a just a basis to get started.


free scrapbooking sites

This site provides an awesome list of resources and tutorials on using digital scrapbooking, particularly for Photoshop Elements and or any version of Photoshop CS.

free scrapbooking layouts

Tutorials include an introduction to Photoshop layers, using fonts and font styles, layer masking, the color picker tool, creating a torn edge effect, and much, much more. There are also similar tutorials for using Corel Paint Shop Pro. Other digital freebies on the free scrapbooking site can be downloaded here.



When you’re ready to get deeper into digital scrapbooking, Computer offers several dozen absolutely free starter kits. You sign up on the site, and the kits will be delivered from its supply page. The kits include assorted backgrounds, shapes, and other elements.

free scrapbooking layouts

Scrapbook Photo Ideas

Oftentimes scapbooking revolves around a series of related layouts based on a theme, e.g. a vacation, the birth of a child, a wedding or wedding anniversary. Sometimes you might work with existing paper and digital photos you already have in your collection, while other times you shoot photos with a scrapbooking theme in mind. has full section for free scrapbooking layouts to get you started.

free scrapbooking layouts



If you totally can’t be bothered with creating scrapbook layouts and theme packages, offers web-based application with hundreds of themes (e.g. holidays, sympathy cards, birthdays, and the like) in which you can customize, and email or blog it for free.

5 Simple Free Scrapbooking Sites for Beginners smilebox2

If you’re a scrapbooker, let us know what free scrapbooking sites you use.

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  1. Erin Van Zante
    November 23, 2015 at 7:37 am

    I love doing scrapbook type photo art to share with friends online. I am really broke right now, and can't pay for good apps on my iPhone (which is where I do most of my scrappy work", plus I feel like searching the web for something in particular works better than having a gazillion apps on my phone for one "sticker" I like. I'm really confused about copywrite laws and "free downloads". Wallpapers, backgrounds, stock photography, vectors, etc. I would only use any given image/background/sticker etc. to cut up and make into something else, and I don't like "live" photos, more like cartoon items- Sanrio kawaii type things. Like say, I see a image of a balloon that I want to cut out a portion of and stick the picture of baby's face in there. Where do I find usable images like that? Public domain? Stock photos? Clip-art?Can you do this to wallpapers that were "free"? What is the search word? Any digital scrapbook sites with good freebies that I can cut and mangle into stars and moon shapes if I want?

  2. Bakari
    June 17, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    Thanks everyone for the feedback and extra resources.

  3. WendyElf
    June 15, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    I have been looking at having a go at scrapbooking, so this article has been really useful. (Sitting on my shelf is the Serif Scrapbook artist2 which I have yet to install).
    However I HAVE been making loads of Smileboxes..... I work in a London Primary School and take thousands of photographs of all our activities etc, but unfortunately had not found an effective and interesting way to get them out to the parents/students.

    Now, thanks to Smileboxes, we can sit in our classrooms and enjoyably watch them on our huge interactive whiteboards (kids love them), I can post them on our websites, and the parents get to watch them at home. We have stickers we attach to the children that say 'New Smilebox!', so their parents might be inspired to go and turn on their computer and check out what we have been up to at school.... (they tend to lose letters home).

    You can see some of them here:

    Also, members of our staff have used them in their professional presentions on courses etc etc to illustrate various subjects they have been working on.

    The Mayor of Wandsworth (London, UK) in particular really liked the Smilebox she appeared in!!!! Watch it yourself here:

    Out of all of the Smileboxes, I really like the the newspaper ones - some of the children think we really have our own newspaper!

    Thank you for your great articles - I am continually finding out new things from you that keep me at my computer and avoiding the mundane boring essentials of life!

  4. Phil
    June 15, 2010 at 7:07 pm

    These are looking very cool websites for scrapbooking.It really affects your content.
    Great post.!!

  5. Phil
    June 15, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    These are looking very cool websites for scrapbooking.It really affects your content.
    Great post.!!

  6. Blue
    June 15, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    I've been using - you download the software and free themes and just create. Found it very easy and user friendly.
    There is a subscribe / payment option for some of the themes, but most are free.

  7. Blue
    June 15, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    I've been using - you download the software and free themes and just create. Found it very easy and user friendly.
    There is a subscribe / payment option for some of the themes, but most are free.