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Get Free Ringtones for the iPhone With These Sites

Saikat Basu 16-12-2019

Finding free ringtones for iPhone isn’t quite as cool today as it once was. Others online might scoff, and your chosen tone could elicit glances from coworkers. But maybe you’re itching to set a custom ringtone of the Stranger Things theme song.


Custom ringtones are like those stickers on your school bag; they make your iPhone feel a bit more personal. Unlike that sticker, unique ringtones tell you when someone special is calling. And they help you avoid reaching for your phone when your friend’s device blares the same Reflection or Marimba tune. It’s also a good source of nostalgia.

How to Get Free Ringtones on iPhone

The short answer is from anywhere. Today, you can create ringtones from the songs you own without spending a dime. You don’t even need to lug around a MacBook for this; your iPhone and the GarageBand app will do:

  1. Open the GarageBand app and find the song that you want to use as a ringtone.
  2. Touch and hold the song, then choose Share > Ringtone.
  3. Enter a name for the ringtone. Then tap Export.

If you are not familiar with GarageBand, this tutorial walks you through the steps to create custom ringtones with your iPhone 3 Tips to Make Free Custom Ringtones on Your iPhone Need a new iPhone ringtone? Here's how to create a ringtone for iPhone for free using just your phone---no computer required! Read More .

Even though this is simple, you might not want to put in that effort. Why go through the steps yourself when there are apps like Ringtone Maker and websites like Zedge to download free iPhone ringtones from?

Try these websites below to see if you like the lazy option better.


Download Free Music Ringtones From These Websites

While ringtone apps are a quicker way, ringtone websites existed before apps became the standard. Also, the app itself might not be free. You might find an old classic on these sites that’s not available elsewhere.

So let’s head there and grab that beautiful sonic alarm for free.

1. Zedge

Search free ringtones for iPhone on Zedge

Zedge finds a place on all lists covering free ringtones for iPhone (or any phone, really). Pick up ringtones that are natural sounds, or go for popular songs across genres like classical, pop, rock, country, soundtracks, etc.


The active community on Zedge stocks the site with the latest ringtones, wallpapers, sticker packs, and video clips. All you have to do is use the powerful search box to narrow down to your choice or pick up a ringtone from the Trending lineup.

If you like, you can buy Zedge Credits and pick up exclusive content that carries celebrity branding.

In addition to the web app, Zedge also has an app for Android and iOS. When using your browser, just click on the tone to play it. Download it to your computer with a click, then you can transfer it to your iPhone.

Download: Zedge for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)


2. CellBeat

Find funky ringtones for iPhone on CellBeats

You’ll find some funkier ringtone categories on CellBeat. Drum, Bass, Children, Gospel, Hip Hop, Political, Soul, and even a Political category are the ones I found scrolling down the long list. Of course, a few empty categories without any ringtones are a minor irritation.

The information for each ringtone is quite detailed. Use the Most Recent, Most Downloaded, Highest Rated, and Most Views filters on them to download the right ringtone for your iPhone.

iPhone and Android ringtones are available as M4R and MP3 files respectively.


3. Tones7

Tones7 for unique and free ringtones for iPhone

Searching for an even more unique ringtone? Try categories like Pets and Animals, Sayings, and World on Tones7. I picked up the Harley Davidson ringtone for my iPhone here.

Of course, there are also the usual categories if you want to stay conventional. The good news is that it gives you enough to search and download for your iPhone or Android device. Plus, all ringtones are free.

4. Notification Sounds

Download original free ringtones for iOS

Notification Sounds has a minimalist look about it. And that continues into its collection of original free ringtones. The absence of loud songs as ringtones is a relief. All the ringtones here are sourced from digital and analog synthesizer sounds.

The little description of the ringtones is a nice thoughtful touch. This site’s ringtones are given under a Creative Commons license and you can download them as MP3, M4R, and OGG files. M4R is compatible with iOS devices.

5. Mobile9

Download iPhone ringtones on Mobile9

You must select your device before this site lets you see the ringtones. This helps to get right to the ringtones that work with your phone. After you register and log into the site, search through the Hot, New, Best, or Editor’s Choice filters to narrow down your choice.

The site claims that there’s a vast library of 25,718 free iPhone ringtones. All free ringtone files are contributed by the community. You will also find a lot of India-specific ringtones among those from all over the world.

The only little annoyance is that there’s a small waiting time before the M4R file download starts. A small banner nudges you to sign up for a Premium account and skip the wait.

6. MeloFania

Make free music ringtones on Melofania

MeloFania will help you make your own ringtones for free online. Upload your own song or grab it from YouTube. Clip the part you like, then download it for your iOS device as an MP3 or M4R file.

The site also showcases Featured ringtones that are all available as free downloads. The search bar is good enough, or you can look through the huge alphabetical list of artists for someone specific.

7. Audiko

Make free ringtones for iPhone with Audiko

Audiko is a simple site with a clean look. Pick up a fresh ringtone from genres such as rock, dance, rap, soundtrack, classic rock, pop, and others. For some inspiration, try scanning through the list of the Top 100 Ringtones for the year. You’ll have to register with the site to download more than five ringtones.

Audiko also lets you create your own custom sounds from your music collection or via an online audio file. Download the ringtones as M4R files for iPhone, or go with the MP3 version for other phones.

A Few Other Sites for Free Music Ringtones

There are several other ringtone sites you can search through. Here’s a small selection:

  1. Mob
  2. Free Tone
  3. My Tiny Phone
  4. Mobile RingTones
  5. CellSea

The Default iPhone Ringtones Are Boring

The popularity of long musical ringtones might have dropped, and it may not even sit well with mobile phone etiquette today. But there’s no doubt that custom ringtones are still unique aural signatures you can carry around.

If you find the standard ringtones on your iPhone boring, then clip your favorite song, download a ringtone app, or just download a hip tune from one of these sites. All that’s left for you to do is import that ringtone file onto your iPhone How to Create or Import Free iPhone Ringtones with iTunes You can buy ringtones via iTunes, or you can create or import your own alerts for free with this guide. Read More .

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