7 Free Mobile Retro Games for Nostalgia Junkies

Anya Zhukova 12-02-2018

How often do you remember a certain classic game and think to yourself “those were the days”? With all the variety of new games that you can play on your smartphone today, there’s something special about finding one that takes you back to the past.


If you want a proper nostalgia trip to, say, the ’80s or ’90s, you might want to try retro emulation How to Turn an Android Device Into a Retro Gaming Console Love retro gaming? Here's how to easily turn any Android phone into a retro game console and enjoy your favorite classic titles. Read More . It allows you to play games from nearly any video game system on your Android device 5 Best Retro Games That You Can Emulate On Android Emulation allows you to play retro games on your PC, but have you tried it on your phone? Here are five fantastic titles to try on your Android device. Read More or PC. However, that requires time and effort, plus some legal quandaries.

For those of you aren’t ready to invest in this process, we’ve got some good news! You can download some of your all-time favorites and play them on your mobile. We’ve put together a list of free retro games from the 80s and 90s that are bound to take you back to when you played these with your friends after school.

1. Super Mario Run

First up on our list is an obvious contestant: a game based on the legendary Super Mario Bros. It’s hard to find a gamer that doesn’t have warm feelings towards this series. And it’s hardly surprising. After all, it’s a game that changed the world 10 Video Games That Changed The World These are the games that changed everything, that signalled the next step in the evolution of video games, and that needed to exist for the video games industry as we know it today to exist... Read More .

There are plenty of copycat games on Android trying to give you the Mario experience Are The Super Mario Bros. Copycat Games On Android Any Good? There are plenty of Mario copycat games on Android for platformer fans, but are they any good? Let's find out. Read More , but most of them are still far from the legend.

Unlike the copycat games, Super Mario Run is pretty much everything you love about Super Mario Bros. on your mobile. Start playing for free and enjoy multiple courses, worlds, and challenge modes. Who’s ready to rescue Princess Toadstool?


Download: Super Mario Run on Android | iOS (Free, $9.99)

2. Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

Mario‘s direct rival, Sonic the Hedgehog, proudly holds the second position on our list. Sonic is definitely a video game franchise with a storied history The History of Sonic the Hedgehog: Beloved Mascot or Best Forgotten? Perhaps no video game mascot is more polarizing and misunderstood than Sonic the Hedgehog. Dive into Sonic history with us and let's revisit all the important milestones of the Blue Blur. Read More . And in light of recent successful new game releases (Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces), it seems appropriate to once again go to where it all began. Enter Sonic the Hedgehog Classic.

Play this iconic game on your mobile and save the world from the evil Dr. Eggman once again. Speed through all the levels, or take your time and enjoy each challenge as Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails.

Download: Sonic the Hedgehog Classic on Android | iOS (Free)


3. Bird Hunt

Bring back your childhood memories with this hit from the ’80s. Bird Hunt is a game for Android, based on a retro legend called Duck Hunt.

bird hunt - free retro games for smartphones

This arcade game boils down to shooting down as many birds as possible. In order to proceed to a new round, you’ll need to shoot a certain number of birds. Four different games modes and three difficulty levels are present to help you check and improve your hunting skills.

As the app description states, “[t]he game is intended primarily for children 5 Children's Video Games That You'll Enjoy Too Just like you enjoy that animated movie as much as the kids it was made for, the world of video games has some great titles that appeal across ages. Read More .” So don’t forget to release your inner child before you start playing this one.


Download: Bird Hunt onAndroid (Free)

4. Amazing Circus and FC Circus Charlie

One of the most addictive games of the 80s is Circus Charlie. It’s an arcade platform game in which you control a clown named Charlie and complete various tasks.

If you’re looking for a similar game on Android, try Amazing Circus. You get to control Charlie on a lion, running and jumping through hoops and flame rings. Do you remember your record score from your childhood—and can you beat it?

amazing circus - free retro games for smartphones


For iPhone users, FC Circus Charlie is even more like the retro favorite. The gameplay is exactly as you remember it. So what’s stopping you and Charlie from this dangerous race against time?

Download: Amazing Circus on Android (Free)

5. Adventure in Island: The First Edition

Would you like to help Master Higgins save his girlfriend Princess Tina from the Evil Witch Doctor? Then once again, return to Adventure Island in the South Pacific, survive a series of difficult stages, confront evil bosses, and save the Princess.

adventure island - free retro games for smartphones

Adventure in Island is based on the iconic game many fans remember and love. If you miss this simple and fun platformer that gained its popularity in the NES era, get on board and try this game on Android.

Download: Adventure in Island: The First Edition on Android (Free)

6. RetroBike

Remember the good old Excitebike, an exciting side-scrolling racing game launched in 1985 10 Classic Nintendo Games to Celebrate 5 Years of the eShop The Nintendo eShop is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month, and it's a perfect time to snap up some excellent games! Here are 10 classic titles all Nintendo enthusiasts need to download! Read More ? You played the original classic version, followed the sequels, and maybe even tried the game’s 3D successor. Now it’s time to go back to where it all began.

RetroBike is a remake of the old-school motocross game. Accept the challenge and get to the finish line first, or lose all your patience trying.

Download: RetroBike on Android (Free)

7. Super Tank and Battle City

World of Tanks isn’t the first popular tank battle game. Tank 1990, a well-known hack of the Japan-only game Battle City, was popular decades earlier. However, the two games are more alike than you’d think. You control a tank and have to destroy enemy tanks in each level, all while defending your base at the same time.

Super Tank for Android brings back the spirit of this favorite retro battler, with similar gameplay and visuals. Each level is completed after you destroy 20 enemy tanks. The game consists of 20 levels across various difficulty modes. The maps are rather diverse, with a variety of obstacles and different terrain.

super tank - free retro games for smartphones

Battle City – Super Tank 1990 is a modern iOS version of the retro Tank 1990 game. Enjoy the old-school interface topped with new game elements, like new level modes, new enemies, and new battle types.

Download: Super Tank on Android (Free)
Download: Battle City – Super Tank on iOS (Free)

Time Has No Power Here

Today, many popular games from the past get their own remake or adaptation on Android and iOS 7 PC and Console Games You Can Play on Android and iPhone Looking for mobile ports of quality console games? Play Chrono Trigger, the Binding of Isaac, and more on your iPhone or Android device with these console games ported to smartphones. Read More . That way, we all get a chance to relive some of our warmest childhood memories. Because sometimes no new game can bring up the same emotions in you as the one you played with a certain friend or during a particular period in life.

Do you ever get nostalgic and think of playing some old-school games? What’s your favorite retro classic? Is it on our list, or did we forget to include it?

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