5 Free Quizzes to Find the Right Career or Profession for You

Mihir Patkar 26-09-2017

You often hear management gurus and successful people talk about finding your passion and choosing the right career. But it’s easier said than done, isn’t it? How do you know what is right for you? A few quizzes might help.


It doesn’t matter if this is your first job or you are reinventing your career Want To Switch Jobs? 5 Tools That Help You Reinvent A New Career Finding the right career is easier with online tools and career counselors. But to truly understand your dream job, you need to dive deeper and decide for yourself if that job fits you. Read More . Aptitude tests are the first step in deciding what you should do. These usually take into account both your skills as well as your interests.

From classic scientific tests to questionnaires based on new research, these quizzes should point you in the right direction. After that, it’s up to you.

1. For a Career With a Social Impact, a Quiz by Oxford Academics

Have you ever thought about how much time you will work in your life? Take an average of 40 hours a week, for 50 weeks a year, for 40 years. That’s a total of 80,000 hours! You need to choose your career wisely, and a group of Oxford academics are here to help.

This quiz targets only those who want a profession that delivers a social impact. If you want to become the regional manager of a paper company in Scranton, move on to the other quizzes. Let’s just say, take the 80,000 Hours quiz if you aren’t meant to be a programmer 6 Signs That You Are Not Meant to Be a Programmer Not everyone is cut out to be a programmer. If you aren't completely sure that you're meant to be a programmer, here are some signs that may point you in the right direction. Read More . But if you want to make changes in civil policy or go on the ground in disaster-struck areas, the 80,000 Hours Quiz will tell you what’s more apt for you.

It has only six questions with multiple-choice answers. Based on that, it will tell you the ideal social impact career, and give you plenty of data on how to pursue it.


2. RIASEC: The Holland Code Career Test

Perhaps the most famous aptitude test among along, the Holland Code Career Test (or the RIASEC test) pinpoints your interests. Developed by psychologist John L. Holland, it is still widely used in several educational institutions.

RIASEC stands for the six work personality types that this test determines:

  • R: Realistic (Doers)
  • I: Investigative (Thinkers)
  • A: Artistic (Creators)
  • S: Social (Helpers)
  • E: Enterprising (Persuaders)
  • C: Conventional (Organizers)

career quiz holland code career

This filtering alone serves as a great starting point in deciding your career. This is a multiple choice test, where you have to rank tasks or ideas based on how much you dislike or like them. At the end of the 100 choices, you’ll find where you fit in RIASEC. It’s the kind of data that helps determine if you can have a career in technology Do You Have What It Takes for a Career in Technology? The digital world may tempt you to jump on the information technology wagon. But is it the right choice for you? You have to make a decision. Ask yourself these seven questions. Read More .

Truity’s Holland Code quiz will explain what your personality type means, and give a few basic options of the careers you can choose. But there are better resources online to find careers based on your RIASEC, like this large list. Truity is the only full free quiz to find your RIASEC type, which is why we recommend it.

3. The Best Quiz, Especially for a Career Change

Among all these free quizzes, Sokanu is the most thorough. More than that, it also puts an emphasis on changing careers by finding out what you did in the past and what you’re willing to do.

career quiz sokanu

The quiz starts with a personality test not too different from the Holland Code. The next few sections are key though. Sokanu’s career tests asks about your history and your goals, going so far as to ask what minimum salary you would want or what kind of workplace you’d be comfortable in.

Be warned, it’s a fairly long quiz and it’s best to sign in so you save your progress. But long also means thorough, and I found that Sokanu was the best quiz at assessing what kind of career I’d like and am suited for. If you want something simpler, check out the Rasmussen Aptitude Test or these other tools to pinpoint your aptitude 5 Career Tools You Can Use to Pinpoint Your Career Aptitude Read More .

4. The Simplest, Quickest Quiz: Rasmussen’s Aptitude Test

Rasmussen College has a simple and quick aptitude test for its students, which is also freely available for anyone online. It’s ideal for you if you know enough about yourself already, and are only searching for careers based on that.

career quiz rasmussen

In the quiz, you have to use sliders on seven parameters to filter your career choices:

  • Artistic
  • Interpersonal
  • Communication
  • Managerial
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical
  • Science

You can further filter the list with your expected salary, estimated job growth, and level of education. Put all of it together and Rasmussen will spit out which professions you should consider.

If you like such simplicity in a quiz, also check out our review of WTF Should I Do With My Life WTF Should You Do With Your Life? This Site Leads You in the Right Direction If you don't know what to do with your life, don't worry -- you aren't alone! And this site has been built to help you figure out a path you'll enjoy. Read More . It’s a similar approach to finding the right profession for you, but the Rasmussen quiz is still better in my opinion.

5. Career FAQs From Successful People, at Breakout Careers

Breakout Careers is technically not a quiz, but it has the right questions and answers for anyone in the job market. The site compiles the most frequently asked questions in this space, and compiles answers from successful people in different fields.

career quiz breakout career notes

It’s a series of eight steps of the career ladder, with advice from people like Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg, Eric Schmidt, and other famous names. Breakout Careers covers everything from how to find happiness to how to decide which company to join.

In fact, for the latter question, you should also visit its sister site, Breakout List. This list tracks companies hiring in Silicon Valley, and divides them into prospects like mission-centric firms or those with great growth potential. But remember, these are tech-centric workplaces. So make sure whatever you do, you have the skills to ensure no robot takes your job If You Have These Skills, No Robot Will Ever Take Your Job Losing your job to robots is no longer a sci-fi fantasy. Here are eight skills that can keep your job from being handed off to a robot. Read More .

Do You Know What You Want To Do?

Many of us take the first well-paying, stable job that comes our way, and end up in a career by accident. But do you really know what you want to do? Are you pursuing your dream job, or stuck in a place you told yourself was a stop-gap arrangement?

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