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MOin 21-12-2012

Many of us use at least one type of calendar every day. We use the calendars for various tasks ranging from simply checking what the date is to mark and view any important events. While many people have shifted to online calendars for these tasks, there is still a significant number of people who are more comfortable with physical calendars. These people buy new calendars every year to mark important dates on it.


Some people pay extra money to have their calendars customized with their own selected photographs. What these people would find highly convenient is a website that offers them printable calendars that can be customized without having to pay any money for it. Here to be that website is an online tool called Free Printable Calendars.

printable online calendar templates

Free Printable Calendars is a free to use online service that does exactly what its name suggests – free printable calendars. When you visit the website you can get started with the calendar creation without having to register for any new accounts. You start by selecting the type of calendar you want. Supported types include a simple calendar marker, a photo calendar, an online calendar, a monthly calendar, a yearly calendar, and a desktop calendar.

Once you have selected the type of calendar you want, you select an option from one of the various templates provided.



You can then upload images and add them to your calendar after modifying them using the provided online tools on the interface such as rotation and color fixing. Your final calendar can be easily downloaded straight onto your computer.


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  1. macwitty
    April 20, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    If I start now I migt be able to get 2014 ready as Christmas gifts ;) (Use to be too late)