5 Free Online Photo Collage Makers to Turn Pictures Into Memories

Sandy Writtenhouse 04-01-2018

A photo collage can be a great way to view a collection of pictures and also a ton of fun to create.


For holidays like Christmas, you can use photos of your family, Christmas tree, and holidays gifts. For birthdays, add pictures of your loved one as a baby, at graduation, and at their wedding.

Winter Family Photo Collage
Image Credit: Tan4ikk/Depositphotos

You can find plenty of mobile apps Create Easy Photo Collages for Instagram With Layout While there are plenty of ways to create collages without Photoshop, Layout's focus is on simplicity and the ability to share the images quickly with Instagram and Facebook. Read More for creating a photo collage, but sometimes it’s easier and more effective to use your computer’s large screen. Instead of downloading special software, try one of these free online photo collage makers to create, save, and even share your creations for free.

1. BeFunky

BeFunky is super easy to use and makes creating your photo collage fun. First, you can browse through the layouts with several options for photo wraps, Facebook covers The 10 Best Tools for Better Facebook Profile Pictures and Cover Photos Make a great first impression on Facebook with these apps and sites for better Facebook profile pictures and cover photos. Read More , Pinterest pictures, as well as featured layouts and grids. Next, you might want to add a cool background pattern. Pop in polka dots, fill it in with fabric, or make it a mosaic.

BeFunky Photo Collage Patterns


Maybe you want to add an amusing image into your collage of photos. BeFunky has images you can use that are categorized by holidays, seasons, and objects. You should also check out the neat stickers and speech bubbles with various text styles. You can add your photos at any time through the process and edit the elements as you go.

BeFunky Photo Collage Speech Bubbles

When you finish your collage, you can save it to your computer, BeFunky account, Facebook, Google Drive, or Dropbox. You can also share it immediately on sites like Twitter and Pinterest. BeFunky has additional features like greeting cards, event graphics, and small business templates, as well as a photo editor.

2. Canva

You may have heard of Canva and thought it was mainly for business infographics, flyers, and website banners. While it is amazing for those situations, it is also a great online photo collage maker. Get started by choosing from one of many layouts or grids. Then, like BeFunky, you can add a nifty background like a pattern, color, or image.


Canva Photo Collage Layouts

Hit the Uploads button and start pulling in your awesome photos for the collage. You can then arrange, resize, and rotate them as needed. Canva also provides elements such as free photos, shapes, icons, and illustrations that you can add to your collage.

Canva Photo Collage Elements

When you are happy with your creation, you can download it as an image file or PDF. Or you can share it right away via email, on Facebook and Twitter, or obtain a link to share it yourself. The nice thing about Canva is that with a free account, you can save your designs and go back to tweak them later if you like.


3. Fotor

Fotor is another terrific place to create a free photo collage online. You can pick from classic, artistic, funky, or photo stitching layouts to get started. Just import your pictures and then drag them to the spots you want on the layout. You can apply lighting effects, rotate, and zoom in on your photos.

Fotor Photo Collage Layouts

Like the other sites, you can use a background color, pattern, or image to give your collage some pizzazz. Plus you can add text or pop in a cool sticker for holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Halloween. Or just use balloons, flowers, and hearts.

Fotor Photo Collage Stickers


You can download your free photo collage as an image or PDF. Alternatively, you can share it instantly or upload it to the Fotor Cloud for syncing by creating a free account. Fotor has an easy-to-use interface and also offers designs for social media and banners along with photo editing tools 5 One-Click Websites to Make Your Photos Look Better These one-click photo enhancers can help if you want to make your favorite photos look better. Read More .


If you want the option to use a template or make your own collage of pictures from scratch, check out You start with a completely blank canvas which allows you to move, resize, and arrange your photos as you like. Plus, you can use tools to zoom, copy, and bring your pictures forward or back. Photo Collage Edit

When you start, you can select from a variety of canvas sizes for social media or a custom size. You can set a background color, use a built-in image, or upload your own. You can also click the Template button to view layouts and holiday-themed templates. Hit the Add images button to upload your photos and use the Swap button to change them around easily. Photo Collage Templates

When you are done, you can save your photo collage as an image How To Save High-Quality Images in Photoshop, Explained How difficult can saving an image be? Turns out, it's not so intuitive. Photoshop allows for a slew of file formats and parameters, each with their own benefits. Read More , PDF, or high-resolution image. Share directly to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, or grab a link for the collage to share it yourself. also offers an option to order a print of your photo collage with various sizes and prices. The site is simple to use and makes collage creation a breeze.

5. FotoJet

With layouts from modern and artistic to classic and creative, FotoJet is another great choice when you’re looking for a free online photo collage maker. Once you pick your template category, you can see additional layouts and narrow down the options by the number of photos you want to include. So put pictures of you and your sweetie inside 3D hearts, or use photos of a holiday dinner for your family to remember.

FotoJet Photo Collage Layouts

Just upload pictures from your computer or import them from Facebook to get started. Then, drag your photos onto the layout in the spots you want them. You can rotate, flip, layer, crop, or add a neat effect with individual adjustments such as opacity, brightness, and contrast.

FotoJet Photo Collage Edit

Save your collage as a JPG or PDF or share it immediately on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr. FotoJet provides photo editing tools and designs like posters, invitations, and social media banners too. So check it out for your photo collage and then take a look at other features for business or personal designs.

Which Free Online Photo Collage Maker Do You Use?

These websites offer nice features and ease-of-use for creating your photo collage online at no charge. This is an excellent way to make a gift for that special someone, save a memory for yourself, or have fun with a friend while you create one together.

If you already create photo collages Turn Your Wallpapers Into Collages With Wpmaker There are two kinds of people: those who don't care about their desktop wallpaper and those who obsessively search for the perfect one. Which one are you? Read More and have a terrific, free online tool you would like to share, please do so in the comments below!

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    I've been using PhotoViewerPro for a while, and it made my life much easier.
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