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Free Music Download: 11 Instrumental Beats & Jazzy Hip Hop Albums [Sound Sunday]

Tina Sieber 10-02-2014

You love hip hop, you just don’t know it. That might be because you associate hip hop with rap, the oral element, whose often aggressive and controversial lyrics have given it a gangster reputation. But there is more. Hip hop is a subculture, characterized by three more key elements: breaking (physical), graffiti art (visual), and turntablism (aural).


Turntablism is the art of manipulating sounds and creating music using direct-drive turntables and a DJ mixer.

This instrumental edition of Sound Sunday allows you to focus on that aural element of hip hop.

New York Jazz

Genre: instrumental, soul, jazzy hip hop, beats

Brilliant comes to mind, but it seems so stereotypical to label something so good as such. But what can I say. It’s not a stereotype if it’s true? –Roel Buerra
Source: Bandcamp

Creative Beat Mashups

Genre: abstract, alternative, instrumental, jazz, hip hop

A mashup of tunes and grooves. There is not a track on this list that will not keep your head grooving. –Drumkilla7
The production on this is great. The songs are extremely creative, fresh, and straight up make me feel good! –Alexander Grandy
Really a surprise…good, innovate beat selection for the whole album. –Javelle Lane
Source: Bandcamp

Also check out ProleteR’s EP Curses From Past Times, featured in a previous Jazz Edition of Sound Sunday Free & Fantastic: 10 Jazz Albums To Download [Sound Sunday] Do you appreciate Jazz? You will after listening to the albums in this edition of Sound Sunday! And if you already like Jazz, you'll love what I have for you this week. Read More .

Panacea Instrumentals

Genre: instrumental, progressive, jazz, jazzy hip hop, lounge


Soundscapes is a new Instrumental Series by American Producer K-Murdock and to kick it off, he wanted to fulfill one of the fan’s top requests and finally put out the unreleased instrumentals from the Panacea albums!
Source: Bandcamp

We have previously featured work by K-Murdock in an article on gaming-inspired albums Video Game Music Radio: The Perfect Background Noise for Geeks There's something about video game music that earns it a special place in gamers' hearts. The seven stations stream all the video game music you could want! Read More .

Timeless Journey

Genre: instrumental, soul, jazz, beats, hip hop

The Moderator, aka Klaas-Jan Jongsma, is one of Hollands most talented producers in the field of electronic dance music. He has a very personal, melodic and soulful style of music that combines the past with the future.
Source: Last.fm

Beat Nerds

Genre: electronic, beats, soul, hip hop

We´re beat nerds, share the love for old records, weird sound sources, equipment, are kinda shy and sometimes computer cave men. We offer most of our music for free download.
Source: Tumblr

New York Beats

Genre: electronic, instrumental, beats, jazzy hip hop


Brandon, aka Birocratic, is a New York beat maker, describing himself as a tadpole swimming with the big fish.

Cosmopolitan Beatmakers

Genre: alternative, indie, ambient, beatstrumental, hip hop, compilation

Sinoptic International is a strictly talented worldwide beatmakers collective (led by Dj Hellblazer x Dr. Dundiff ) delivering free high quality beattapes. Our artists come from Japan, France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, Russia, Poland, South Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland…
Source: Bandcamp

The Beat Is The Track

Genre: instrumental, electronic, beats, hip hop, rap, compilation

To mark the beginning of a great journey we present you with ‘Italdred – The beginning’. We pulled out all the stops on this, reached far and wide to make sure we brought you a great release. A compilation full of hiphop/electronic tracks, a variety of artists with a variety of styles to suit all your needs. 69 great tracks to keep you going!
Source: Bandcamp

Afro Jazz & Beats

Genre: instrumental, beats, jazzy hip hop

Hobo Truffles, a worldwide producer collective and internet-based record label, presents “Ode to Ghana”, a compilation aiming to pay tribute to highlife and afro-jazz music from Ghana. The project is based entirely on samples from this region.
Source: Bandcamp

Brazilian Baile Funk

Genre: ambient, instrumental, beats, chill, bass, funk, hip hop


Da Rocinha is an experimental musical study of Brazil’s baile funk. During the process of the initial release of Da Rocinha, some tracks meant for the EP didn’t make it. I recently went back into the files and reconstructed the outtakes to give it a better sound. Accompanied with remixes, I planned to give you more of Rocinha.
Source: Bandcamp

Instrumental Beats

Genre: instrumental, beats, hip hop

I’m a dude who found out he could rhyme words together. I also found out that I could take sounds and make them into beats. I enjoy cereal and pizza, respectively.
Source: Bandcamp

The Final Beat Check

Are you getting the hang of hip hop? How did the music make you feel and what sound elements do you like best?

I anticipate your feedback! Comment, tweet me @TinaSieber, or email Tina at this domain. Pitches welcome.

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    can you possible clarify the legal stipulations that my artist is required in the use of these beats, thank you

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    February 6, 2015 at 12:11 am

    thank you for putting my music in your article. when i look at my stats on bandcamp, i see hits coming from this page every month since this article was published. so, thank you for helping people discover my work.

    • Tina
      February 6, 2015 at 4:39 pm

      Thanks for the feedback! Glad this article is still bringing you traffic after all this time. Great to hear!