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Try Free Group Texting and Events With Capsule

Angela Randall 27-01-2012

What do you do when you want to invite a decent amount of people to a private event? Do you post out invites? Ring everyone? Probably not. Most people these days would probably say they used Facebook. But what if your friends include people who hate Facebook or just don’t use it? Or what if you’re that person? What do you use then? Well, we have a solution for you.


Capsule has recently launched in order to let you organise your personal events. And it really does a great job! It also uses Facebook contacts in order to make invitations just a little easier, thus ensuring you’re not entirely left using your out-of-date contact list. It could be precisely what you need.

What Does It Do?

Capsule is essentially a simple way for groups of people to communicate around a common event or cause. Members can create a “Capsule”, give it a few details and invite their friends to the Capsule. The Capsule can be used to chat, share photos 4 Sites for Groups to Easily Share Photos from One Event Read More , video links, text messages or anything relevant to the members of the Capsule.
free group texting

free group texting services

Reasons To Use Capsule

There are a number of great reasons to try Capsule:

  • Sign up is quick, either using a few basic details or a Facebook login. Gravatar photos are automatically found for users who sign-up without Facebook.
  • You can invite any friends to a Capsule as long as you either know their email address or are friends with them on Facebook.
  • Capsules can be event-based or group-based. That is, you don’t need to specify an event time or location at all. It can just be an easy way to communicate with a bunch of friends.
  • You can keep track of how you know your associates by clicking on their Capsule profile. You’ll see all the Capsules you’ve participated in together.
  • If enabled for the Capsule, it’s possible to send group text messages. You’re given an American phone number you can send text messages to, which will then automatically send to the rest of the Capsule members. Members who don’t have their mobile number listed in Capsule will get an email instead. Also, it’s possible to send the group text from within the Capsule’s web interface.

free group texting services


The Big Selling Points Of Capsule

That is, things Capsule does in a way no-one else really does:

  • A Capsule exists whether or not it’s based around an event or a group. It just is.
  • It’s possible to send text messages to everyone in a Capsule. So, when you need to let everyone know about that last-minute venue change it’s easy to get the word out.
  • You can easily stay in touch with people from past events.

free group texting services

Try Free Group Texting and Events With Capsule Capsule past events

What You Can’t Do With Capsule

Capsule isn’t currently designed for major events and seems content to focus on private gatherings. For instance, you can’t just give a public URL to a Capsule and let anyone sign up to it. This may change in the future, but for now your Capsule are limited to your own contacts.


free group texting

Since Facebook became popular, many companies have tried to compete in the same space and failed. In the small group and event space, Capsule may have a good chance at succeeding in the long term. It’s definitely worth a shot!

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