Free Games for PS Plus & Xbox Live in July 2017
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It’s time for another round of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold free games. Here’s what you can play to kick off the summer.

Xbox Live

On Xbox One, you’ll first receive Grow Up. This is a sequel to Grow Home, an experimental game from Ubisoft that allows you to control the character’s exact movements. Grow Up is more open than its predecessor. The second Xbox One game is Runbow, a racing platform game that’s focused on multiplayer party action.

For Xbox 360 owners, Kane & Lynch 2 arrives free. This Mature-rated third-person shooter pairs a violent psychopath with a desperate ex-mercenary. You can enjoy this one with a friend online. Finally, the 360 also receives LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the franchise in LEGO form after you saw the latest Pirates movie.

Xbox One owners can play the Xbox 360 games as well thanks to backwards compatibility.

PlayStation Plus

PS4 owners receive Until Dawn, a drama-horror game that sees eight friends try to survive until sunrise in a remote cabin. The game lets you switch between all characters, making it a unique experience. The other PS4 game is Game of Thrones. This is the Telltale version that features familiar story-driven gameplay to anyone who’s played The Walking Dead or their other franchises. If you’re looking for easy Trophies, this is one to check out.

On PS3, you can pick up Tokyo Jungle, a survival action game which takes place in a futuristic wasteland of Tokyo. The other PS3 game is Darkstalkers Resurrection, a compilation of two classic fighting games from Capcom.

Finally, those with a Vita can grab Element4l, an atmospheric indie platformer where you must switch between the elements. Also on Vita is Don’t Die, Mr. Robot, an arcade bullet hell for hardcore players to test their skills with. It’s also playable on PS4 via Cross-Buy.

Which games are you looking forward to playing in July? Let us know what you think of this lineup in the comments!

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