Free Games for PS Plus and Xbox Live in August 2016
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As the last full month of summer arrives, so do new games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold members. Here’s what you can look for coming soon to your systems in August.

Xbox Live

As usual, the free Xbox 360 games will be playable on Xbox One, and the second game for each system becomes available midway through the month.

First up on Xbox One is WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate, a tactical hack and slash game which features a mash-up of characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series working together against a common enemy. You’ll also get WWE 2K16, the latest entry in the long-running wrestling franchise.

On the 360, you’ll receive Spelunky, a popular indie title which has you exploring endless auto-generated caverns to collect treasure, and Beyond Good & Evil HD, a polished version of the cult classic from the PS2 era that really needs a sequel.

PlayStation Plus

On PS4, first up is Tricky Towers, a new puzzle game that’s a lot like Tetris but has you competing with friends to build the most stable tower. The other title is Rebel Galaxy, a procedurally generated space RPG.

Probably the least disappointing game this month is Yakuza 5 on PS3, the newest game in the open-world Japanese crime series. The other PS3 title is Retro/Grade, a reverse take on a space shooter which has you following a rhythm to “collect” shots coming at you in reverse.

Finally, Vita owners can pick up Patapon 3, another rhythm game originally released on PSP which has you commanding small warriors, and Ultratron, yet another twin-stick space shooter.

Are you as disappointed in this month’s PlayStation lineup as we are? Let us know if you’re excited to get these games in the comments!

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