How to Get Free Game Deal Alerts Using IFTTT
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You probably know about the best sites for game deals, but remembering to check them regularly is a pain. Thankfully, using IFTTT, you can subscribe to a few recipes and get the best deals in your email (or however else you choose). Here are a few we recommend.

1. Free PC Game Alerts

Sometimes, Steam games become free for a limited time. GOG and the Humble Store also offer free games from time to time. You can get notified about them all with this applet.

Any time someone submits an entry to /r/GameDeals with Free in the title, you’ll get an email. While this won’t run for posts with “DRM Free” in the title, you may still see posts for “Free Weekend” and other similar kinds of free-but-not-really offers. You can easily adjust the applet if you like.

2. Android and iOS Games

Put these applets to work and you’ll get a notification when a top-rated app becomes free on either the App Store or Google Play. For iOS, use this applet. Android users should enable this one.

After you click Turn On, you’ll need to set the category of apps you’e interested in. iOS users just need to select Games here, but Android users can select from multiple categories including Racing, Casual, and Sports Games. Select your favorite, and make a copy of the applet if you want multiple alerts.

3. Xbox Games With Gold Reminder

If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member, you can download free games every month.

But because Xbox splits these (some are available on the first of the month, while the others don’t go free until halfway through) it can be easy to forget. Enable these two applets to get a notification on the 1st and 16th of each month to grab your free games.

Do you rely on any IFTTT applets for finding the best game deals? What’s your source for the hottest discounts? Share with other bargain hunters in the comments!

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