Want Gorgeous Free Fonts? Here’s 25+ Sites Where You’ll Find Them
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Font aggregators may be packed with free fonts, but you often have to really dig to find high-quality ones that are also available for free. Rather than wade through hundreds of fonts, there are a few types of sites worth keeping tabs on that’ll help you keep up with all the new fonts you’ll want to use in your next design.

There is also something to be said for buying paid fonts from type foundries. Paid fonts are more likely to include all the necessary glyphs and extras that you might need in a professional setting. But if you’re a design enthusiast or crafter, you’ll often find these free fonts meet your needs.

Designer Showcase Websites

With plenty of designers showcasing their work on sites like Behance and Dribbble, you’ll find quite a few of them are also offering downloads of their work to viewers, some of which are free. These sites are a great way to find hidden gems that might be available on sites like DaFont or 1001fonts, but are buried in with a of a lot of similar-looking fonts.

The easiest  way to find free fonts on these sites is to perform a search for “free fonts“. On Behance, using the search filter, you can select Featured or Most Appreciated to view the free, popular fonts. On Dribbble, just keep your search results displayed by Popular.

To get you started, here’s an all-caps font, Lombok, available for free on Behance.


On Dribbble, Boomtown Deco is an interesting font you should add to your design arsenal:


Design Blogs

Design blogs are not only a good source for tips on font pairings, they also point you towards great free fonts.

One example is CreativeBloq. Their font section includes posts on font bundles, free fonts, font pairings, great use of type, and more. The site also has a list of what they describe as the best 100 free fonts, divided into several categories including cursive, handwriting, graffiti, tattoo, and stencil fonts.

Variane is a an example of a beautiful cursive font included on their free list:


Other blogs and sites worth following for their font recommendations include:

Type Foundries

Type Foundries, or design agencies and groups that specialize in designing type, will often offer a few of their fonts for free.

FontSpring: On FontSpring, you can view the font families that have at least one style available for free. In order to download fonts from the site, you will have to sign up for a free account

FontFabricYou can find both free and paid fonts on FontFabric. With about 96 free high-quality fonts to download, you have a great selection to choose from.

One of their first fonts that caught my eye was Perfograma:


Lost TypeDescribed as a “Collaborative Digital Type Foundry”, the fonts offered on the site come from a variety of designers. Lost Type sets itself apart by allowing you to pay whatever you want for each font – if you’ll be using it on personal projects. Technically, of course, you could decide to pay nothing. A commercial license will, however, require payment for the fonts.

League of Moveable TypeThis open source foundry features fonts available under an Open Font License.

Other type foundries and design studios that offer a selection of free fonts include:

Design Resource Websites

Design resource sites offer a wide variety of free downloads – vectors, photos, templates, and of course, fonts. With a lot of these sites, it’s worth signing up for their newsletters as they offer paid and premium fonts for free for a limited time.

Free Design ResourcesThe free fonts available on Free Design Resources can be viewed either by the most recent uploads or the most popular. Using the drop-down menu, you can also drill down to script, display, serif, sans serif, and slab fonts. The site has a great selection of script fonts in particular. In addition to the fonts available on the site, Free Design Resources also has a great newsletter sent out every few days so you don’t miss new fonts (and other resources) that are added to the site.

Playlist is an example of a great script font available on Free Design Resources, and it comes with a few cool extras:


FontBundles: While FontBundles tends to offer exactly what the name would imply – bundled fonts at discounted prices, it also has a free font section. FontBundles also offers a weekly newsletter with a new free font. To download any of their fonts, you will have to sign up for a free account. Also, note that the free fonts eventually expire.

PixelBuddhaFounded by a group of designers, PixelBuddha features a packed free font section. In some cases, you may be required to provide your email in order to download the high-quality fonts – a small price to pay for a product that you could very easily be charged for.

A font on PixelBuddha worth downloading is the brush font, Sitka.


Freebiesbug: The font section on Freebiesbug features exclusive free fonts for download. To download them, you’ll have to enter your email address to receive the download link.

Creative Market: Kind of an Etsy for designers, Creative Market makes it easy for designers to sell their products online. Every week, Creative Market releases six products you can download for free. You can also sign up for a weekly newsletter to receive download links to all their free items. Be sure to download them before each offer expires.

The Hungry JPEG: In addition to other resources, you can find free fonts in The Hungry JPEG’s Freebies section. It’s also worth checking out the site’s $1 deals, where you can get some really great fonts for just $1. (Just double-check to make sure these fonts aren’t available free elsewhere before downloading the paid version. Water Lily, for example, while available for a dollar on The Hungry JPEG, is available for free on DaFont.)

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A few more font sites that are worth checking out include:

When downloading fonts from any of the sites listed above, be sure to check the license for each font to understand exactly how and where you can use these fonts. And if you’re just getting started with downloading new fonts, be sure to check out our guide to managing fonts on your Windows computer How To Download Free Fonts & Manage Them In Windows How To Download Free Fonts & Manage Them In Windows Fonts are the building blocks of digital aesthetics. Since Windows doesn't come with a font manager, we've looked at third-party alternatives. Read More .

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