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The 10 Best Free Font Bundles for Graphic Designers

Vann Vicente 08-03-2019

If you’re a graphic designer, picking which fonts to use can be daunting. However, we’re here to help, and these free font bundles compile hundreds of fantastic fonts in one place. Which means you can easily find something that suits your needs.


1. Typewolf Google Fonts Collection

Typewolf Google Fonts Serif Sans Serif

Google Fonts is the most popular directory for embedded web fonts. Many designers consider it an invaluable resource. However, with around 900 fonts in the registry, it can be a little overwhelming trying to pick which ones to download.

Typewolf curates a collection of 40 of the best Google Fonts every year. This pack includes typefaces from renowned type designers that come in a variety of weights and styles. The site also highlights which fonts look great as body text.

The fonts are all free for both commercial and personal use. You can download each font individually or access its Google Fonts page. And if you sign up for Typewolf’s newsletter, you can download all 40 in a single zip file.

2. TheHungryJPEG Free Font Bundle

Hungry JPEG Script Display Font Bundle


TheHungryJPEG is a popular design resources website. It offers high-quality fonts, graphics, stock photos, themes, and templates. While the majority of the resources aren’t free, TheHungryJPEG offers a bundle of 26 fonts worth $104 that only costs a post on social media.

The majority of the typefaces in this pack are display and script fonts. They work well for large-scale printed graphics, online posts, and invitations. For example, Echizen is a hand painted typeface that looks excellent on social media layouts.

3. Ultimate Old-School PC Fonts

Retro Old PC IBM Fonts

If your next design project has a retro aesthetic, you’re going to love the Ultimate Old-School PC Fonts pack.


These fonts are amazing reproductions of typefaces from the early days of computing. Those who owned computers in the 1980s will instantly recognize the characters patterned after IBM PCs, DOS devices, and the built-in BIOS.

There are 81 sets of characters in this package. Some of them have multi-lingual support via Unicode. All these files are free for personal and commercial use, as long as you attribute them to the designer.

They can each be downloaded separately, or in a small zip file. The site also has a previewer that lets you test out the fonts.

4. DreamBundles Type Lovers Bundle

Dream Bundles Script Display


The Type Lovers Bundle is a free compilation of 20 stylish fonts by Dreambundles, a service that provides bundles of design resources. All these fonts vary in style and are all free for commercial use.

This pack has fonts that suit a variety of situations. Mosk is a clean sans-serif with nine weights, while Selima Script is a brush script that works well on top of nature photos and landscapes.

Various artists and designers contributed to this pack. If you enjoy a particular font in the pack, you can access the designer’s site for other work that they’ve made.

5. Indestructible Type

Minimalist Indestructible Fonts


When browsing Indestructible Type, you’ll quickly notice that most of the fonts have an asterisk. These asterisks are part of the name of the font. Artist Owen Earl, who developed this foundry, uses them as a way to stand out.

Indestructible Type is home to an array of unique, archetypal fonts that are all incredibly versatile. Gnomon* is a bold font for large-scale design. Bodoni* is a serif meant to be readable across all sizes. While No Tears is a derivative of Comic Sans that is cleaned up.

All of the fonts on Indestructible Type use a pay-what-you-want model and are essentially free. If you want to donate to the project, you can leave an amount during checkout.

6. Igino Marini’s Fell Types Revival

Fell Types Old English Font

In 1668, Dr. John Fell, a Bishop from Oxford, developed a set of types that he wanted to use in Christian publications and texts. After his death in 1686, the University of Oxford preserved his types and began publishing in his style for several decades.

In the 2000s, Italian engineer Igino Marini began recreating the Fell types as modern font files. The 13 striking serif fonts here are accurate revivals of his types. All of them come together in a single zip file. They’re all free, as long as you attribute them to the designer.

Not every designer can say that they’re using a font developed in the 1600s, but now you can.

7. Ten By Twenty

Font Experiments Free

Ten By Twenty is a set of typography projects by English designer Ed Merritt. On his site, you’ll find his nine alpha-numeric fonts and one iconic font.

His typefaces range in style from publishing-ready serifs like Jura to interesting, blocky displays like Tödi. His fonts have over 1.5 million downloads. They are all licensed under an open font license, so they are free for all types of use.

He sells all of them using a pay-what-you-want scheme. If you find that you really enjoy using one of his fonts, you can come back later and pay a small amount.

8. Linux Libertine Fonts [Broken URL Removed]

Text Body Word Processing Font

At just two fonts, this is the smallest set in this list. However, both of them are very useful to have.

The Linux Libertine fonts are intended to be replacements to the standard Windows and Mac fonts. Therefore, they’re well-optimized for UI/UX design, word processing, and text publishing.

Libertine and Biolinum feature clean numerals, small capitals, and true fractions. The files are available in a tgz archive, and here’s how to extract files from common archives How to Extract Files From ZIP, RAR, 7z and Other Common Archives Were you ever faced with a .rar file and wondered how to open it? Fortunately, managing ZIP files and other compressed archives is simple with the right tools. Here is what you need to know. Read More if you need to know more.

9. Adobe Collections

Adobe Creative Cloud Fonts

If you’re a creative professional, there are several reasons to buy the Adobe Creative Cloud 5 Reasons to Buy the Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe's Creative Cloud comes with a lot of great advantages. We've compiled a list of reasons to invest in Adobe Creative Cloud while you still can. Read More . Having a CC account gives you unlimited access to Adobe Fonts, a library of over 14,000 fonts from Typekit.

The Adobe Collections are 30 free font packs sourced from its font library. Each pack is curated by design professionals for a specific use. There are collections for outdoorsy layouts, for creating street signs, and for activism materials.

If you find a font pack you enjoy, all you have to do is activate it in your account. All the included fonts will be added to your CC library.

10. Velvetyne Foundry

Alternative Display Unique Fonts

The Velvetyne Font Foundry or VTF is one of the most striking and unusual collections you’ll see online. You’ll find a wide array of typefaces, from a gothic script like Blocus to a punk pixel font like Terminal Grotesque.

The fonts in this collection come from many different designers, but they are all libre fonts. This means that they are open-source, so you can modify them, change them, and use them in any way you want. You’re also free to redistribute edited versions of the fonts.

You can download any of the fonts in zip format directly from the site.

More Fonts and More Fun

The above free font bundles are great resources to obtain. But if you still haven’t found your ideal typeface, here are more websites where you can find free fonts The 8 Best Free Font Websites for Free Fonts Online Not everyone can afford a licensed font. These websites will help you find the perfect free font for your next project. Read More . And if you find the descriptions of these fonts confusing, we have previously explained the most important typography terms The 5 Most Important Typography Terms, Explained We've compiled a list of the most important typography terms that will help you successfully navigate the world of typography. Read More .

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