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5 Free Flowchart Makers for Mac for Quick and Easy Diagrams

Sandy Writtenhouse 20-06-2019

If you need to create a flowchart on your Mac to show a workflow, program, product, or service process, then you need a tool to do it. While you can use Pages to create very basic flowcharts, you might need something more robust.


Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune on software or App Store apps that offer the tools you need to build effective flowcharts. Here are five free flowchart makers for Mac that help you create flowcharts with the right amount of details and professional appearance you need.

1. Flowchart Designer

Flowchart Designer For Mac

Flowchart Designer is a great app to try first. You can choose from basic, equation, rectangle, and flowchart objects. Just pick one and then drag and drop it onto the canvas. Insert duplicate objects by double-clicking a blue arrow and to add a connector, just drag the blue circle to another object. You can pop in text easily for all shapes and include labels for connectors.

The app offers grids, rulers, and snapping so that everything is aligned perfectly. And as you add your objects to the flowchart, you’ll see them on the right side where you can name them as you please. This helps you organize large flowcharts easily.

For an intuitive, flexible, and of course, free flowchart maker, Flowchart Designer is a terrific app. If you enjoy it and want more shapes to work with, you can buy shape templates via in-app purchase.


Download: Flowchart Designer (Free)

2. VisualDesigner

VisualDesigner For Mac

VisualDesigner is an impressive flowchart maker for Mac that doesn’t cost a dime for its extensive features. You can choose from tons of shapes and connectors, each customizable from its color to its size to its text.

For complex flowcharts, you can add and work with layers, resize and position objects by defining the angle or axis, and arrange your objects with rulers, a grid, and snapping. You can even use symbols and clipart to add more meaning to your objects at a glance.


Download VisualDesigner for free with 70 items allowed. If you must move beyond that, the full version is available via in-app purchase.

Download: VisualDesigner (Free)

3. ClickCharts

ClickCharts For Mac

If you don’t mind downloading apps direct from a website, then definitely take a look at ClickCharts for your flowcharts. The app’s interface is similar to Microsoft Word with its ribbon of buttons and tabs for sections at the top. Select the group of shapes you want to use like an organizational chart, block diagram, or flowchart and then click to put them onto the canvas.


You can insert straight or curved connectors manually or use the auto-connect feature, so they pop right in when you add more objects to the canvas. Choose a shape and format it easily from the top menu for its color, text, and font. Use the grid view, grid snap, object snap, and rulers for precise alignment.

The ClickCharts home edition is available for free but you can check out upgrades for your business if you need just a bit more.

Download: ClickCharts (Free)

4. Pencil

Pencil For Mac


Pencil is another cool flowchart app (one of our favorite flowchart programs for Windows The 7 Best Free Flowchart Software for Windows Flowcharts can visualize ideas and processes. Use flowchart software to streamline your life and break free from bad habits. Read More ) that comes directly from the company’s website. You will see a nice clear app interface and canvas to work with as soon as you open it. There is a complete set of flowchart objects, but for doing even more with the app, you can use web elements, widgets, and mobile stencils.

The object editor looks just like a text editor so you can adjust colors, sizes, text, styles, alignments, and more, quite easily. The connectors snap right to the adjacent objects with simple clicks and decision connectors are ready for your answer options.

If you’re looking for a flowchart tool with a clean workspace and attractive finished products, you’ll love Pencil. You can use Pencil for free or check out commercial licenses for your business.

Download: Pencil (Free)

5. For Mac

One more free flowchart maker for Mac that’s worth your time is You can use the application online or download it to your Mac. This tool also offers a crisp interface that’s similar to applications you’re familiar with using a simple menu at the top and helpful sidebars.

You can get started creating your flowchart quickly with by choosing one of the built-in templates. Then, just swap out the text for your own, rearrange the objects, and remove those items you don’t need. Add connectors with a click, use the easy formatting tools, adjust positions and sizes, and select from a nice collection of flowchart shapes for any process.

If you want to take for a test run, use it online first. If it’s just what you’ve been looking for, download it and use it offline like other apps on your Mac. There are no hidden fees or purchases, making an excellent flowchart maker for your Mac.

Download: (Free)

Start Your Chart with Free Flowchart Software for Mac

As mentioned, you can create a very basic flowchart with Pages on your Mac How to Create a Simple Flowchart in Pages on Mac Like Microsoft Word, Pages on a macOS can make simple flowcharts. Let's get started on your first basic flowchart with Pages. Read More or you can look at online applications for creating flowcharts The 7 Best Free Online Flowchart Makers Need the ability to create flowcharts anywhere at any time without spending much, if any, money? Here are the best online flowchart tools that are free or reasonably priced. Read More too. But all of the tools on this list give you what you need, at no charge, and reside right on your computer where you need them.

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