10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy

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Do you love using templates for your business documents? Whether you are preparing a professional letter, company presentation, or a business plan The Best Business Plan Templates Every business needs a plan. These templates will make writing your business plan easy. A clever structure, guiding questions, and a smart design will give you a head-start into your new career. Read More , templates make it easy.


Now, you can add these business form templates to your collection, so they are at your fingertips when you need them.

1. Business Expense Form

Formats: XLS

When you or your employees have business expenses to submit for reimbursement, this template from TidyForms is perfect. You can quickly complete the basic payee information at the top and then add items per section.

10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy BusinessExpenseForm Excel

The Microsoft Excel template How to Make Your Project a Success with Excel Templates Excel templates are an essential tool in the portfolio of an effective project manager. Even in the smallest project, templates can make your life easier and save significant time. We have compiled a selection. Read More includes areas for meal expenses, miscellaneous items, and automobile related costs such as fuel, tolls, and parking.


You can enter the details for each expense like date, purpose, location, and of course, the dollar amount. For the mileage expenses, you can designate a certain amount per mile and the built-in formulas will automatically calculate the total amount.

2. Mileage Reimbursement Form

Formats: DOC, PDF

If all you need is a mileage reimbursement form, then this option, also from TidyForms, gets the job done. This is a template for Microsoft Word with basic employee details at the top, rows for travel, and then totals at the bottom.

10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy MileageReimbursementForm Tidyforms


While this template does not feature built-in calculations like in the Excel template, it’s still a nice, clean option for auto expenses. You can enter both mileage and parking fees and click the Tab button to move through the form fast.

3. Employee Review Form

Formats: DOTX (Word), PDF

When it is that time of year for employee reviews, check out this TidyForms template for Word. The template has standard sections for company name, logo, and employee information at the top. It then delves into the ratings section and finishes with areas for comments and goals.

10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy EmployeeReview Tidyforms


You can edit the ratings section for items that apply to your specific business, but the template does come with six handy suggestions. From attendance and communication to dependability and quality, you simply provide a number for your rating. If you like the items already listed but would like to add more, just click the plus icon next to the row to insert another line.

4. Employee Warning Notice

Formats: DOCX, PDF, Google Sheet + Doc

It is never pleasant to reprimand an employee, so if you are in a position where you must give a warning, this template from TidyForms can make it a little easier. You can quickly complete the employee details section and then use the checkboxes to indicate the type of warning and offense.

10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy EmployeeWarning Vertex42


Then just add text for the description of the offense, plan for correction, and implications for future offenses. You can include a company logo and name at the top for an official look. The template also includes signature sections of acknowledgements at the bottom.

5. Job Application Form

Formats: XLS, DOCX

If your company is growing and you are ready to bring on more employees, a simple job application form can help you move that process along. This one from Vertex42 provides basic details needed for most any job position.

10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy JobApplicationForm Vertex42

You will notice when you download the Excel template An Excel Template for Every Occasion Skip the steep learning curve and sort your life with the power of Excel templates. We have compiled a selection of auto-updating templates to track budgets, manage projects, and more. Read More  that you actually have two different options. You can choose between the Job Application and Job Application with References tabs. Each contains the information you would expect for potential employees. They complete their personal details, include their previous employer, and add educational information. When you want a clean and easy job application, this one is great.

6. Injury Form

Formats: DOC, PDF

Another unpleasant part of business is an injured employee. TidyForms offers a Word template that is considered an injury register, so it contains a few pages for pertinent information. The first page is simply a cover page, while the second page digs into the details of the injury or illness.

10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy InjuryFormP1 Tidyforms

Additional sections include a witness area, suited for work-related injuries, and a follow-up area for treatment information. Next, you can complete the manager’s section which provides space to document an investigation, if necessary. Then, finish it off with the employer confirmation of receipt and signature.

10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy InjuryFormP2 Tidyforms

You will also notice a small box at the bottom of the form that provides details to the employee regarding notification of their injury or illness. Keep in mind that you can edit this language to accommodate your company policies.

7. Sign-In Form

Formats: DOC, PDF, XLS, Google Sheets, ODS (OpenOffice)

For meetings, visitors, and seminars, a sign-in form can come in handy. You can keep track of everyone who joined which is ideal for required attendance or necessary follow-ups. Vertex42 offers several sign-in forms for Excel to suit your business need. For example, this template works well for meetings with an anticipated follow-up.

10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy SignInForm vertex42

You will notice that there is not a lot involved in a sign-in form, but creating one from scratch would certainly take longer than just printing out this sample. You can adjust the labels at the top of each column and even type in the basic details before printing, so it is ready to go.

8. Training Assessment Form

Formats: DOCX, PDF

If you have ever scheduled, created, or participated in a company training exercise, then you know that feedback is important. This training assessment form from TidyForms can help you get that input easily. With five ratings from poor to excellent and several prefilled criteria, you can certainly use the form as it is.

10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy TrainingAssessmentForm Tidyforms

However, you will likely want to include specific questions for the participants and if so, the template is easily editable How to Customize Microsoft Word Layout Settings Microsoft Office comes with many useful templates, styles, and themes. We'll show you all the settings you need to create your own custom layout in Word 2013 and Word 2016. Read More . You can change the criteria, rating system, or other details to accommodate your company’s exercise.

9. Work Order Form

Formats: XLS, ODS (OpenOffice), Google Sheets

When a job needs to be done and you must submit a work order for it to begin, check out the offering from Vertex42. Just like the job application form, the work order template comes with two options. The first is a basic request for the job and materials.

10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy WorkOrderFormPt1 vertex42

The second tab in the workbook includes an advanced work order form. You can use this one when details such as service and labor or parts and materials need to be separate line items.

10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy WorkOrderFormPt2 vertex42

Both forms contain built-in formulas for the calculations. So, just pop in your dollar amounts and everything will be totaled at the bottom. In addition, you can add a sales tax percentage, shipping and handling amount, or additional fees as needed.

10. Equipment Sign-Out Form

Formats: XLS

If your business frequently loans items such as tools, books, or computer accessories to employees, then keep track with this template. Like the sign-in form from Vertex42, this sign-out form for business items can be printed and used as-is or edited first.

10 Free Business Form Templates You Should Keep Handy EquipmentSignOut vertex42

You can see that this template has the basic details needed with name, date, time in, and time out. But, it also includes a spot for the piece of equipment being signed out at the top. This is terrific for companies who share a common item within the office frequently, like a projector. But, adversely you can add a column for the item if an employee signs out various parts at once.

Templates Do Save You Time

Some of these business form templates may seem quite basic. However, they still save you the time 10 Templates to Save Time at the Office Are there documents that you write over and over again? Whether it's meeting agendas, invoices, or status reports, templates could make your work easier. We have compiled 10 template ideas to save you time. Read More from having to create them on your own. Word and Excel both make editing easy and within minutes, you can have the exact form you need.

Would you like to see business forms for something that we missed here? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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