Three Free Brain Teaser Games For Your Android Phone

Simon Slangen 26-11-2010

<firstimage=”//”>brain teasers and riddlesThere are a lot of games on the Android. Not all of them are worth a download, but you’ll find enough of them to waste a few months of your time.


If you’re going to spend your time gaming, why not invest in something useful? By playing brain teasers and riddles, you can train your brain, vocabulary and logical insight “” all that while having fun!

Below are three fun brain teaser games for the Android phone that you should definitely check out.


Wordfeud is a Scrabble-like crossword puzzle game. Make words vertically or horizontally with the letters you are given. Each letter has a numeric value. The cumulative value of your word is added to your score. The game is played in turns. By constructing long words with difficult letters, you can add a lot of points to your score. When the game ends, the player with the highest score wins.

brain teasers and riddles


You aren’t limited to playing against the computer. Wordfeud allows you to play against friends, or random players. The game’s designed to play at a slow pace. You can participate in up to 30 games simultaneously, without having to leave the other boards. Wordfeud can be played in English, Dutch and Norwegian.

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Search for Wordfeud on the Android Market, or use your phone to scan the above QR code.

Brain Genius Deluxe

Brain Genius Deluxe is a free brain trainer for the Android. It hosts a number of fun, engaging brain teasers and riddles. Some of these will be familiar, like Sudoku and mazes, supplemented by a wide variety of numerical games and puzzles.


brain teasers

This free game includes 24 original games and additional puzzle games, like Sudoku, controlled by motion and touch gestures. Most of these games are rather simple, and if you’re used to puzzle games, they won’t be too much of a challenge, others will require a bit more effort on your side. Brain Genius Deluxe is recommended as a fun game for novice puzzlers.

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Search for Brain Genius Deluxe on the Android Market, or use your phone to scan the above QR code.


Craniati Enigma

Craniati Enigma is a self-proclaimed Android implementation of those popular browser-based riddle games. You know the lot. The game consists of a number of successive pages. You’ll be able to proceed from one level to the next by solving a riddle. It’s often right in front of you, but very easy to miss. If you don’t like a frustratingly challenging game, turn back now. Otherwise, you’ll find more than a match in Craniati Enigma.

brain teasers

One of the fun things about Craniati Enigma is how well it integrates with your Android phone. The levels require you to know your Android inside and out. You’ll have to venture off inside the darkest depths of your Android menus and browse the settings to succeed in some levels.

brain teasers and riddles


Search for Craniati Enigma on the Android Market, or use your phone to scan the above QR code.

What do you think of these games? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Jonny
    November 27, 2010 at 7:17 am

    If there's going to be a post about puzzle games on Android, Unblock Me Free is my go to game. With 1200 levels that range from 15 sec to 15 annoying minutes each (unless someone points out the stupid mistake your making), this game is great to distract anyone for a few minutes at a time or a whole plane ride like I did.

    • Aibek
      November 29, 2010 at 9:33 am

      thanks for the tip ;-)