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Free Apps: Bomberman Chains, Goal Tracker Full & Smart Note Handwriting App [iOS Sales]

Tim Brookes 13-09-2014

More and more apps are going free Angry Birds Go! Review: Can The Birds Survive The Free-to-Play Jump? Not only does the new Angry Birds racer forego the $0.99 price tag, it's a different genre of game entirely. It's undoubtedly a bold move – but does it work? Read More on the App Store, as paid versions are retired and in-app purchases take over Plants vs. Zombies 2: Does Going Free-To-Play Mean The Death Of The Series? Since EA has taken the reigns at PopCap, Plants vs. Zombies 2 has been released for free. By free I am referring to the game being free to download initially, with plenty of in-app purchases... Read More . This week’s offers again include a few paid-turned-free apps and games, among the usual reductions and giveaways.


This week’s best offers include handwriting tool Smart Note, a classic 90s software synth reimagined on the iPad Animoog: The $30 Moog Synthesizer You've Always Wanted The Moog name has been synonymous with quality, analogue synthesizers since the late 1960s. These items have always been prohibitively expensive for many, so now you can get Animoog for iPad instead. Read More and a Bomberman-themed match 3 puzzler.


MyScript Smart Note ($7.99, now free)

Smart Note from MyScript is an app designed to make working with handwriting easier. If you’re the sort of person who loves to take handwritten notes but wishes they could be as useful as text-based notes, Smart Note helps bridge the gap. It’s a note-taking app with a focus on handwriting, jotting down notes, equations, drawings and more. The app appears to have gone from paid to free with in-app purchases, with a premium IAP to unlock all features.

Full ($0.99, now free)

Free Apps: Bomberman Chains, Goal Tracker Full & Smart Note Handwriting App [iOS Sales] fullapp

Life is short, so you should make a list of goals and try to achieve them. Full is an app that promises to help you along the way. Create an unlimited number of daily, weekly and monthly goals along with how many times you want to achieve each one. You can even make changes to goals already in progress and visualise your progress on a graph when you’re done.

ReBirth for iPad ($14.99, now $4.99)

ReBirth is a software synthesizer that’s almost as legendary as some of the hardware it was designed to replicate. The original version of ReBirth was released in 1998 for Windows 98 and Mac OS 8. Since then the software has been used in countless productions and even got the unofficial Roland thumbs up. The iOS release dates back to 2010, and it hasn’t changed much since then but it’s still a powerful tool.


TempoRun ($0.99, now free)

TempoRun is a very simple app that aims to match your choice of music with physical activity. It does this by categorising your music based on tempo, by measuring the beats-per-minute of each track into one of 10 different levels. The app uses GPS to figure out how fast you are going allows you to add or remove certain tracks manually. It’s simple and currently completely free.


Godfire ($2.99, now $0.99)

Godfire is a third person action game with an emphasis on combat and slaying hordes of enemies. Comparisons with God of War and similar epic action games are justified, with huge boss battles and 7 diverse explorable locations in which to discover puzzles and collectables. With beautiful 3D graphics and plenty of game to work your way through. Godfire is easy to pick up, hard to put down and devilishly difficult to master.

Bomberman Chains ($1.99, now free)

Free Apps: Bomberman Chains, Goal Tracker Full & Smart Note Handwriting App [iOS Sales] bomberman

“Bomberman Chains is now free to play” – so says Konami’s App Store description. Whether that means temporarily or permanently with in-app purchases remains to be seen, as there aren’t currently any IAPs to spend your money on anyway. Regardless, this match 3 take on the Bomberman formula is bound to resonate with fans of the series and puzzle games in general.


This Is Not A Test: Survival RPG Comic ($1.99, now free)

Fusing elements of illustrated fiction with role playing games, This Is Not A Test is a survival challenge like no other. With an art style straight out of a Gearbox space western, this gamebook is more like a choose-your-own-adventure than true interactive fiction, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. If you enjoyed any of the Fallout games, The Walking Dead comics or pen-and-paper RPGs you might want to check ths out.

The Rhythm of Fighters ($0.99, now free)

Paid-turned-free is all the rage as SNK Playmore’s rhythm action game spinoff goes from $0.99 to free for good. The game features a smattering of SNK’s more memorable melodies from the likes of The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug and Samurai Showdown.

Bicolor ($0.99, now free)

Apple App of the Week, Bicolor is a minimalist puzzle game with a bit of a twist in that each puzzle only uses two colours. A clever, unique and addictive concept, the game has you thinking about your next move before you make it and features more than 240 levels to work your way through. Currently free, this is definitely worth a download.

That’s all the offers for this week, check back next weekend for more Apps on Sale!


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  1. Blah!
    September 13, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    I wait the whole week for this free apps series :-)

    • Tim B
      September 15, 2014 at 12:56 am

      That's great to hear :)

  2. Ben S
    September 13, 2014 at 2:14 am

    I grabbed Bicolor and I'm so glad I did. Fun game! Any puzzle fans should try it; it's perfect for mobile.

    • Tim B
      September 15, 2014 at 12:57 am

      Yes it's addictive and perfect for pick up and play sessions, though I haven't played it much at all yet because Destiny!!!!

    • Ben S
      September 15, 2014 at 12:59 am

      I would be playing Destiny too, if it was't for college network problems...

      Bicolor is a nice second : )