The 13 Funniest Online Name Generators

Joe Keeley Updated 24-10-2019

We don’t get to choose our birth names and most of the time they are pretty standard. That’s why you should use a funny name generator to create a new nickname or persona.


We’ve rounded up some of the best random and silly name generators available online so that you can have a new moniker within minutes. See what hilarious name you get given!

1. Harry Potter Name Generator

Harry Potter name generator

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a witch or wizard, there’s no better magical universe to be a part of than Harry Potter. But how can you pick up a wand and don a cloak without having a magical name? The Harry Potter name generator solves that—just input your real name and gender. I’m Jimmy Kettleburn, ready to put on the Sorting Hat.

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2. North Pole Name Generator

North Pole name generator


Courtesy of the folks behind Elf on the Shelf comes this North Pole name generator. With this, you can find out what your name would be if you were one of Santa’s little helpers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice. Select a character, input your real name, then click to submit and pull the lever.

3. Adele Dazeem Name Generator

Adele Dazeem name generator

We all remember when John Travolta got on stage at the Oscars and introduced singer Idina Menzel. Except, that’s not what he said. Instead, he welcomed the “wickedly talented Adele Dazeem.”

We’re not sure how he arrived at that name either. Nevertheless, the Adele Dazeem name generator lets your name get butchered in the same way.


4. Mob Name Generator

Mob name generator

The National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement has created this great mob name generator. If you’ve ever watched a mob film and been drawn in by the idea of smooth-talking criminals in fancy suits, now you can have a name to go alongside.

Choose things like your region, crime, and role, and your mob name will pop out.

5. Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator

WuTang Clan name generator


The Wu-Tang Clan is an American hip hop group from Staten Island, New York City. Their unique slang made its way into many of their songs, giving nicknames to everything and anything.

The members all have their own nicknames, like Inspectah Deck and Raekwon. Even the Rapper Childish Gambino found his name through a generator like this. Now you too can become an honorary member of the Wu-Tang Clan with this name generator.

6. James Bond Villain Name Generator

James Bond villain name generator

His name is Bond. James Bond. And his mission is to stop you once you’ve generated yourself a villain name. You can choose between a Fleming name and a modern name.


Ian Fleming authored the James Bond books, and he often gave his male villains Soviet names and his female characters some questionable names. Have fun and try out both versions to see which you prefer.

7. Dungeons & Dragons Name Generator

Dungeons and Dragons name generator

Dungeons & Dragons has always been popular, but it had a mainstream resurgence in part thanks to everyone’s love for Stranger Things 8 Stranger Things Memes You Need in Your Life Here are the best Stranger Things memes, plus how to use them and when you should use them. Read More . If you’ve been tempted to dive into the fantasy role-playing game, you first need to come up with a name for your character.

This Dungeons & Dragons name generator will help you out, asking you about your character’s race, class, and profession, before giving you a powerful new name.

8. Pirate Name Generator

Pirate name generator

You have your peg leg. You have your parrot. But you also need a pirate name. You can’t set sail on the sea without one. Your pirate name will help inform what type of person you’re going to be.

Pirate Palgrave the Swollen? Decrepit Wenchy Cutler? High-Pitched Benjamin? Just enter your real name, select your gender, and you’ll be ready to raise the Jolly Roger in no time.

9. Dinosaur Name Generator

Dinosaur name generator

Dinosaurs may be long gone from Earth, but people are rightly still fascinated with them. Of course, learning about them is one thing, but actually being a dinosaur is something else altogether. You can get one step closer to that fantasy with this dinosaur name generator.

Kids especially will love all the silly names that are generated from your name, favorite color, and birth month.

10. Music Star Name Generator

Music name generator

Put down the hairbrush in front of the mirror. It’s your moment to become a worldwide music sensation with this music star name generator. Don’t worry if you can’t sing—autotune will take care of that.

You can choose between a pop, rock, rap, or country name. All you need to do is enter your name, select your gender, and you’re ready to grab the microphone.

11. Vampire Name Generator

Vampire name generator

This name generator is a bit different from the others on this list because you don’t need to input any information. Instead, it will randomly generate as many vampire names as you want. If none takes your fancy, click the Generate button to get some more.

The names are perfect for adopting a new identify for Halloween. Just avoid any garlic.

12. Cat Name Generator

Cat name generator

If you have a new kitten that needs naming, or simply think your existing cat needs rebranding, you can use this cat name generator made by the folks behind the Exploding Kittens game.

As such, you can expect some very silly names. Input things like your cat’s age, color, and favorite thing to find out what it should be called.

13. Hipster Business Name Generator

Hipster business name generator

Put two random words together and you have an excellent name for your new hipster business. This generator goes one step further and even creates a logo for the business at the same time. You can also click either the name or the logo to change its style.

Go ahead and try it out—it’ll work great for your hipster bakery, pub, or barbers.

Let The Naming Fun Continue

Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect funny name through one of our recommended silly name generators. You could go by a new name every day of the week.

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    Funny examples of generators. Have you already tried ? It generates a random band name along with a matching logo. Very funny :)

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    to improve it you might consider adding a stoner name generator.

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  4. murlidhar
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    I am fine with my original name........ though my loved ones call me sunny :)

    good article though .... keep it up

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    These are terrific, but you may also want to check out the giant collection at for a few more.

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