FOUNDD: Your Personal Entertainment Recommendation Engine
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Sometimes, coming up with the perfect thing to watch can feel impossible. When you are sitting around somewhere where you can’t watch a movie, a million ideas come to mind and then, as soon you get home to actually indulge in a film, all those ideas fly out the window. We’ve all been there. FOUNDD is a brand new service designed to rectify this situation.

entertainment recommendation engine

When you first go to FOUNDD, it will ask you to rate some movies so it can get a feel for the kind of movies you enjoy. We all have individual tastes, and FOUNDD is designed to learn your tastes and pick movies that will fit right in. Once you’ve rated movies, it will create a watch list filled with movies.

While rating movies you can specify that you have never seen one, and if it’s similar to something you’ve rated highly, this is likely to end up on your watch list.


As of this writing, FOUNDD only supports movies, but they plan to offer their service for video games, books, apps, web clips and tv shows. When it’s all done, FOUNDD can serve as a complete entertainment portal. Even with just movies, it is an elegantly designed service that is worth checking out.



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  1. will
    November 26, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    great to check it out now